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Presidents and vice-presidents...Do they need to match? Obama and Biden, McCain and Palin, they don't need to match like friends do or like lovers do. They work together and let us hope that they have the same goals, without competition.

Did Bill Clinton match with Al Gore? Or JF Kennedy with LB Johnson? Did they choose their running mates because they liked each other? The choice for a vice-president might be made on a basis of complementarities, too. The latest teams (IMO) have such a basis. The democrats have Obama, the idealist/visionary and Biden, who does the implementation. They cooperate because they have the same goals. The republicans have McCain, a man of action, with Palin, an ambitious idealist. They join forces to make a change together (and alter the polls). Choices seem to have improved during history. Here is my astrological view about JFK/LBJ (a polite relationship), Clinton/Gore (a separated couple) and GWB/Cheney (colliding genarations).

See JFK and LBJohnson's charts and you immediately notice that LB's Moon is square the Sun of Kennedy (a match in a way, but not an easy one) and that his Venus is square the Ascendant of JFK (uh?). Moon and Venus of LBJ are linked to Sun and Ascendant of JFK. We cannot expect them to have been lovers, can we? I read that JFK offered LBJ the position of VP as a sort of a courtesy (being polite: VENUS!) and that he needed (MOON!) the LBJ-voters.
Both men have the Moon biquintile Pluto. They share a need for power and control and they are both able to creatively act as an authority.

LBJ has Mars oriental, conjunct Sun, in a very 'Virgo' chart. JFK has Jupiter oriental (square Uranus). The Sun, Neptune and Pluto are 'calling'. JFK was a leader at any level with an international orientation and a modern conviction. He also was and is mythical (Neptune and Pluto prominent). LBJ had the perfect chart to operate in the shadow of JFK. I am surprised to see LBJ's Vulcanus (symbol of violent/public death) on the descendant of JFK.

The relationship between a born international leader and an energetic public servant was based upon diplomacy and need.

Did Bill and Al ever like each other, I wonder? The Venus of Al Gore, square the Sun of Bill Clinton seems to show some sympathy and Venus of Bill is opposition the Sun of Al, so maybe there was a mutual agreement or mutual courtesy. Al Gore happens to have a sesquisquare of Venus and Neptune, so that Neptune is conjunct Bill's Venus and Venus is sesquisquare Bill's Venus. That turns the sympathy into frustration and disillusion. Of course, when you work together, you must like each other a little bit, but...Saturn of Bill is conjunct the Ascendant of Al and Moon of Al is square Ascendant and opposition MC of Bill. It looks like a father-mother relationship with the nation as the 'to be nurtured' child. Bill the father and Al the mother:)

Bill Clinton is a politician 'pur sang'. Pluto is oriental in his chart. He knows the right people and knows how to earn money. Mercury, Saturn and Pluto rising before the Sun make him a true strategist. He has a strong will (fixed signs prevail) and he doesn't seem to have much empathy (no water signs), so that he might hurt feelings when he speaks out (fire and air).

Al Gore is an ambitious person (Sun Aries, Moon Capricorn). His Mercury and Venus are calling and that gives him communication talents. He is not a servant, like LBJ was.

What they share are aspect combinations of Mercury and Pluto (the power of the word) and Mars -Saturn with Jupiter-Pluto (the ambition, earning money). But what divide them are the aspects that point at divorce from a woman in a male’s chart: Moon-Saturn and Venus-Neptune. Should we see the president and the VP as a married couple?:)

This relationship is between a strong willed strategical politician who might hurt feelings and an ambitious communication talent, whose presentation is somehow in the disadvantage of the president.


The Saturn square Saturn in their charts could be explained by the relationship that Cheney already had with George W. Bush's father. Dick Cheney might be sort of representing the Bush senior administration and in some ways, there may be or have been differences and controversy. There are little matches and also Cheney's Jupiter is square Bush's Saturn. It will be difficult for Cheney to advice Bush. Another thing is Bush's Pluto opposition Cheney's Sun. Now we have Saturn and Pluto of Bush against Jupiter and Sun of Cheney. Where Bush experiences the disadvantages of politics and the problems of administration, Cheney - in this relationship - seems to be growing. His Pluto on the Ascendant of Bush tells us about the influence of the VP and of how the presentations of Bush are a pain to Cheney, perhaps.

Bush, his chart has been read by too many people already, so let's be short. Saturn on the Ascendant is not the best position a person can have, but the angularity of Saturn shows ambition, too. We see Mercury calling, biquintile Neptune for communications at any level, creatively connected to the planet of fantasies and mistakes. Uranus is oriental. The prominent placements of Mercury, Saturn and Uranus refer to the controversy between conservatives and democrats, the old and the new ideas, the communications between father and the son and: at the limitations of mental freedom (maybe just the protocol or the law) that play a major role in his life. Note that Saturn and Uranus will be on the meridian of the final moment of the elections and that Saturn inconjunct Uranus is the tightest aspect in Obama's chart.

Bush's chart is that of a reserved and taken back person who want to make changes and be 'different' but is limited at the same time.

Cheney has an oriental Ceres with Mars. Nurture and caretaking are strongly related to war and aggression. Ceres is the symbol of seeds and Mars of war. The oriental Mars is for a 'do-er', a person who is ready to act, always. He also has a calling Neptune, so that both Mars and Neptune are prominent in his chart. Mars is sesquisquare Pluto and that points at political struggle. That makes you think about wasted energy and the probability of mistakes. But then, how could he rise to a VP? Is this his HOB, really? Well, if it is, he miraculously made his way to Washington. Neptune trine the Midheaven is illustrative for his discretion and this silent VP.

This relationship seems to be between a limited president wanting to make changes and a discretely acting vice president who do not trust each other much. For an administration the conflict between their Saturn's is very hard to deal with. They seem to have different ideas about rules and laws.

The Saturn of Obama is opposition the Jupiter of Joe Biden. The Moon of Obama is conjunct the Descendant of Biden (for 8:30) and Mercury trine the Ascendant of Biden. Venus of Obama square Neptune of Biden. Sun of Biden square Node of Obama. They do not have matching sun signs, moon signs or Mercury's. The choice for Biden must have been based on other terms than 'feel goods'.

The Saturn-Jupiter conflict is interesting. The convictions of Biden might me in contrast with the ambitions of Obama and Obama tends to limit Biden's progress in life or give it the constructive basis that is needed. One in the role of the man in charge (Saturn) and one in the role of the coach (Biden), but sometimes they might have quite different views. I hope that Obama will accept his advices and that they are able to keep the balance in ups and downs.

Is it a fortune that Obama's Moon is conjunct Biden's Uranus and descendant? This combination might awaken certain habits and reactions in Obama and one never knows which, because Uranus is surprising. The combination will be stimulating, sometimes colliding.

What Obama and Biden (if not born in the night) share is Moon square Pluto, so both are strong personalities. In my article about sharing aspects I wrote:
"….is a challenge for daily life. Two little tyrants wanting to have it their way, to eat their favorite food! But they are a closed front when in trouble. A bit like the Bundies! "
We are talking about politicians here. Pluto is the planet of politics and strategy. They do not have to live together. And together they are strong! Like the Bundies:) And that reminds me of JFK and LBJ, who both had Moon biquintile Pluto. Politicians might need that aspect:)

One of the better things in the relationship between the two charts is the Sun of Biden on the MC of Obama, so that his life (Biden's) and Obama's goals and position go together (of course, whatever happens:).

Obama, in short, is a popular, concerned worker in the public field, an idealist with a strong personality (Moon-Pluto) who wants to break free or change laws and status quo. Biden is an activist (a fighter) and democrat who wants to be a rebel and make changes, too. They are in a way complementary. Obama is the idealist/visionary and Biden is the person who does the implementation.


His Sun is inconjunct hers. That could make it difficult for them to 'shine' when they are together. They don't match when it really comes to it and the might live their lives and do their things their own way in a sort of a living together, apart:)

McCain's Sun is trine her Midheaven if she is born at 16:40 hours. And he certainly brought her fame and glory. The strange thing is that her Neptune is square the Ascendant of Barack Obama!

What joins them - whatever hour of birth! - is a quick mind (Mercury-Uranus; both have a creative biquintile of Mercury and Uranus) and a hot temper in control (Mars-Saturn-Uranus). He has Mars square Uranus, she has the quindecile; he has Mars biquintile Saturn, she has Mars conjunct Saturn. This combination means that they have extraordinary powers of resistance. They are both strong and able to deal with a lot of pressure.
Sarah's nickname is 'barracuda'...They will be fighting the status quo together, but they will also be popular together and stimulate each other (Moon-Jupiter in both charts, for 11: 00 and 16:40). They will go their own way (Sun inconjunct Sun: sort of a living together, apart). Still, with Venus conjunct the composite IC we may count on mutual sympathy, too.

McCain is above all an activist, a fighter with a strong personality (Moon-Pluto!) and he is ambitious (Moon in Capricorn), in an obsessive way (Sun quindecile - 165 d - Saturn), focussed on being a leader in administration, even at his age. The tightest aspect in his chart is Moon opposition Pluto. His experiences in situations of danger of course changed (shaped?) his personality in a dramatic way. BTW: does it really matter that he has a strong and dominating personality? Because so has Obama (Moon square Pluto). And maybe you cannot become a candidate without being persistent. Look at the charts of JFK and LBJ (both Moon biquintile Pluto).

Palin is a bit like Obama. She is an idealist, concerned (working in the public field), like him. She is ambitious and she has a conviction, too. She is very discrete and maybe not the person you think you see. While McCain is the man of action, she is the woman of visions. They are complementary, like the democratic team is.


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