Thursday, September 11, 2008


A few days ago I posted about how to predict winners or losers in an election, thinking about the general meanings of successes and lost. But today I found and the very insightfull study they did about winners or losers in elections. I added this to my previous post:

PS dated September 11, 2008:
On Planetlines I found an interesting study about transits with the Sun and winning or losing elections! Ken Irving found that to become a president a candidate needs a Ptolemaic aspect of Saturn with the Sun.... The only problem is, that neither Obama nor McCain will have a transit or progression of Saturn with the natal Sun:( any more. I guess that promisses exceptional elections...However, McCain HAD that transit.
Sarah Palin has transit Saturn inconjunct Sun in that period and that is a minor aspect.

And BTW, following the rules of Irving, it is a good thing that Hillary Clinton did not become a VP, since she will have transit Jupiter square Sun just before Inauguration Day...Jupiter does not seem to be of help to be succesful at all (so Nobama) and Neptune should mean scandall and not winning (Sarah Palin...), while Saturn at the beginning of the election period (even a conjunction or square) will mean that this person is gonna win (and McCain had that!).

Very interesting stuff, mind provoking, highly recommended!

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