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Would we immediately have considered him to be a stuntman and magician? And if he lives long enough, will he be doing these kind of ‘magical performances’ all of his life? Probably not. So let's get back to where reading charts should start always as we cannot (IMO) make a difference between a person and the job that he does. Not when it is an unusual job like this. Characteristics sometimes lead you to the job that you have. So let us see how the elements, the combination of lights and Ascendant with the tightest aspects, the prominences (Astro ID) and specific midpoints, quintiles or yods lead us to the complete picture of David Blain.

We see a self promoting active male (Aries Sun and Moon) who is basically expressive (airsigns and firesigns). He does not create things, doesn’t produce matter; no, he expresses or communicates. Still, his activities cannot be done without preparing, imagination and keeping it a secret how he does it (the twelfth house for discretion and vision). It is the kind of man who needs seclusion or being anonymous sometimes.
(And a fact is that he has himself buried alive from time to time)

Conclusion: an expressive, materialist/realistic, self promoter in the field of the anonymous/ amorphous.

Astro I.D.:
In his chart 'material' (business) is calling! He has got no placements in earth signs, so material security is 'conspicuous in absence'. Read the article on Astromarkt about this effect. Without basic security a person is eager to earn money and very ambitious.
(This ambition might drive him to take the risks that he takes).

The prominent Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus make us think of an inventive person, and of opportunities in life. The Moon adds the need to do something (Mars) special (Uranus). All in all the Astro I.D. points at a person who is above all successful in enterprise (Mars and Jupiter), who has a call for making a difference (Uranus).

: an ambitious person who needs to do something special.

- Sun/Moon opposition a planet is what I call a 'midpoint yod' and the planet is the apex of the combination. Again we see Uranus is a prominent position, pointing at the ruler of the tenth equal house, calling! and final dispositor of the MC. This man just has to be special! But there is a certain danger: the combination with the sesquisquare with Neptune...The combination could indicate philanthropy, but it is also a sign for sudden weakness in case of taking the risks that he takes. This combination is dominating the chart of Klaas Bruinsma, the late Dutch top drugs dealer.

- Saturn, ruler Midheaven, square ASC /MC makes us aware of the ambitions of David Blain.

Conclusion: an ambitious, inventive and very special newsmaker!

Total conclusion: the birth chart of David Blain shows an ambitious and special person. We don't know much of his background, but certainly what he does is one of the ways to be very special.

Janduz called the 23rd degree of Capricorn (the degree of his MC) a degree of danger. The 7th of Aquarius (Mars in his chart is there) is a degree of vulnerability. The 8th of Aquarius (Jupiter in his chart) is a degree of inner independence (the book of Koppejan has the picture of a gladiator fighting a lion for this degree). Fifteen of Aries (his Sun) has the picture of a man who is fighting against the danger of drowning and that reminds me of one of his stunts. It is amazing (...) that 4 out of 10 of the positions has an element of danger and courage in it. I think it is amazing and worth pointing at it.

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