Friday, November 14, 2014

Minor aspects, major effect and Kim Kardashian's transit Uranus

I like November, especially when I am in my house:). Outside it is stormy weather and it smells a bit like decay and rotten leaves. It is getting darker all the time.. So it is nice when there is something light and funny to talk about this time. It is about Kim Kardashian's behind, of course. Everybody is talking about that picture. So why not me? I wondered if there was a Uranus (typical this name) transit to explain the fact that the world is so obsessed about one woman's oily bottom. And of course, there was. It is a minor aspect and it is a special one. The quindecile (165 degree aspect) is the aspect of obsession and strong focus. The world has it's focus on her, right now. It is unexpected, it is controversial, people laugh about it and it is in the news. What more do you need to cry: Uranus? 

Kim Kardashian’s birth chart is AA-rated on Astrodatabank, so the time must be right. With that Pluto rising before the Sun, and Moon opposite Jupiter on the meridian, her chart 'covers' the popularity and fame. I wouldn't dare to point at the Ascendant for the behind, but it IS a Sagittarius Ascendant with Jupiter prominently on MC! Maybe you see more clues to the story. If you do, tell me, please. Here is the chart for you to see and calculate. Transit Uranus 14th degree Aries. Sun 29th degree Libra. 209-14=195-360=165. There you are.
Such a transit on the right moment makes me happy to use minor aspects. 


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