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Romance, progressions and transit Neptune

This post is about progressions in the (no time, no name) chart of a member of a government. He is in love and the subject of discussions in the papers and on the web. It is because he is so much older*) than she is...His transits and progressions are completely in line with what happens. 

The progressed chart shows development and how we grow during life. Transits with the progressed chart influence the development and the way that we grow. This example shows how the transits and progressions go along with real life events. In short:

Venus (love) and Juno (spouse) came in to join the Sun and introduce a partner. There are three indications in the progressed chart for love and three transits of Neptune (romance and ... rumor). They color the picture (rose, pink), even without hour of birth. Neptune's inconjunctions put a high weight on romance and make it 'cost you'. Inconjunctions get you out of balance.
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Above is the chart (for the same day as the start of the Cuban revolution) with transits and progressions. The chart is of a (divorced) father (age 58) who has a relationship with a 32 year younger journalist*). Because of his status, field (agriculture and nature) and because of the age difference there are a lot of jokes about them (green jokes) in the papers and on the web.

Venus and Neptune are the keys to love (Venus) and rumors (Neptune). But there is so much more! Here are the 3 love indications of the above progressed chart. When there are more 3 or more indications on the way in a certain direction, it is hard to turn left or right:)! Also, Progressed Sun is changing sign, indicating a change in life style and a period of changes. 

1. Sun was semi sextile Venus in the progressed chart. He found a new love in 2010. Love is Venus. 
Semi sextiles and quincunxes/inconjunctions are signaling lack of balance and ‘but’s’. There is a love life (Sun-Venus), but (inconjunction) something is out of balance, even though ...
2. Progressed Sun is square Juno (time for a spouse). 
3. Progressed Venus is sextile natal Juno now.

The Sun, Venus, Juno combination speaks of a highlighted love life!

The lady was a secret up to now. Secrets are of Neptune, especially when they are to be revealed...Here we see 3 (again, rule of 3!) important transits of Neptune.

1. Transit Neptune is inconjunct the progressed Sun, signal for a (temporary) bad press (and more..., see the links). Even before the news about the new found love, there was bad press because of his policy and media appearances with bad 'performances'. He used to be one of the 'good guys' (even for political enemies) but with an inconjunction of Neptune you are to become a 'fallen angel'. The combination of Sun inconjunct Neptune shows difficulties in living up to expectations. Barack Obama knows all about this. Transit Neptune keeps making quincunxes with his Progressed Sun...

2. Neptune is also opposition progressed Venus. Venus-Neptune is the combination of romance and arts. In transit it is an astrological way to tell you that secret love or love affairs or romance will meet gossip, disillusion and bad press. The opposition is for question marks regarding this romance caused by others (it is an opposition!). This transit sounds harder because of the natal trine between Venus and Neptune: when love is in the air, this man is a romantic guy. 

3. Because of the square of the progressed Sun with Juno, transit Neptune is trine Juno, too. Sweet dreams are made of this
Bob Marks advises to dial 911 when there is a hard aspect between Juno and Neptune. Trines are supposed to be softies, however... I think that trines make it more easy to dream. 

In his political party his star was rising, but is falling now. Four indications in the progressed chart and three transits of Neptune color the picture (rose, pink), even without hour of birth. 
Transit Saturn inconjunct Progressed Sun (the ‘lame duck’ construction) is coming up soon…Mistakes or faults (Saturn) are being highlighted (Sun) with a loss or being blamed as a result. And perhaps it wouldn't be a bad thing to see a doctor in case of complaints. Saturn and Neptune together are frequent in the charts in times of illnesses. It is cold out there, even for lovers!
Ice Sculpture Flame in the Wind- Wiki Commons
*) His Venus is in Gemini, trine Saturn.

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