Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pretty nice example

Just like statistics astrology doesn't 'work' the other way. There are a lot of influences (gender, social level, age and more) making differences. But sometimes charts 'strike'.
Yesterday I was in a perfume store where a lady (I estimated her age around 70) was buying make-up and cream. She was well dressed, had lipstick and mascara on, a nice powdered face and...she was proud to mention her date of birth (in order to get a customer's card). I noticed that it was March 5, 1923 and decided to have a look to see how the chart corresponded with this 88 year old lady's need to look good. Her chart (below) is a pretty nice example of how astrology works sometimes:)!

  • Her Venus doesn't make major aspects (like a trine or a square) in sign or orb 5 degrees (that makes it a 'calling' Venus for beauty and charm at any possible level, somehow, anyhow, because this person is looking for kindness and sympathy). 
  • Her Moon is in Libra for the need for beauty, charm and decoration.
  • Sun conjunct Uranus and Uranus rising  before the Sun: that is what I have seen more often in the charts of those who reach an old age and keep their vitality (like the pope).
  • Sun in aspect with Jupiter and Uranus is one of the combinations which are frequent in the charts of the very old, too. It is a positive one!
  • Sun biquintile Saturn for a creative way to live with restrictions and ...age!

Because of her Sun Pisces, Moon Libra, calling Venus and Venus-Uranus semi square she might have been a dancer when she was young (an artist perhaps).
It was just an observation and a date, but I found what I expected to find: a lady who is young at heart and who likes the world and herself to look good corresponding with more than a few indications for vitality and charm.
And I also found this picture of a magical mirror (Louvre collection) on Wiki Commons. This mirror was used in the 12th Century in Iran to 'predict the future'. Now that is forbidden in Iran...Watch the astrological signs...

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