Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lottery and chart

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2012 be as you like it and make you feel happy!

On New Year’s Eve there are lotteries all over the world and the next morning people wonder why they were not as lucky as that winner of millions or thousands on television. The answer is clear: there is a minor chance to win. You have more chance to be stricken by thunder and lightning! But, what if your chart or horoscope doesn’t correspond at all with lucky winners? Could you stop spending money on lotteries? I bet not! It is fun. And lucky winners have been losers more often. So their charts don’t say much. However: what is all that Jupiter doing in their charts, transits and progressions? 

There is an article on my site Astromarkt about three lucky and one unlucky winner of the lottery ( Mercury-Jupiter, Mars-Jupiter and Jupiter-Uranus were important in the lucky winners’ charts. Their were also Venus-Saturn and Venus-Pluto combinations in the charts of all four of them. Midpoint combinations with Jupiter/Uranus and Jupiter/Neptune completed the picture and there was even more (like a fixed star). Today I add another example to the list. I found the chart on in their files. It is a French winner (in 2000) who shares the same kind of and the same amount of aspects with the winners in the first article. Here is the radix with progressions and transits. 

I made a list of the aspects. Don’t miss:

Sun square Jupiter and Uranus
Minor aspect Mercury and Jupiter (108 degrees)
Venus wide trine Pluto
Venus and Saturn rise before the Sun
Moon and Quaoar in the second house of money
(What he doesn’t have is Mars-Jupiter)

(6! And notice the angular Jupiter-Uranus!)
Progressed Jupiter and Uranus (on Ascendant) sextile progressed Sun!
Progressed Ascendant semi square Sun/Moon
Progressed Moon sextile Pluto
Progressed Mercury trine Mars
Progressed Venus conjunct Mars and P Mars

Transits (9! 3 with Jupiter)
Pholus (turning point) trine Progressed MC
Pholus trine Sun
Jupiter square Pholus
Jupiter inconjunct Quaoar
Jupiter inconjunct Second House Moon (getting out of balance due to positive financial change)
Neptune trine Moon and trine Midheaven
Uranus trine progressed Venus and opposition Progressed AC/MC
Transit Node conjunct Progressed Sun
Venus and Mars semi square Sun/Moon and Mars

So now you know that it takes a lot to be a winner...:)


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Anonymous said...

Looks like I've got a few of those natal aspects. Venus trine Pluto, Jupiter to Mercury (minor), Uranus to Sun, Jupiter to Uranus. I'll keep buying those tickets! Pholus is interesting. I see that my Directed Pholus is at 6 Aries, and Uranus will hit that in a year or two. Transiting Pholus is at about 18 Sag right now, so will trine my Sun and Asc soon.