Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mars, Iraq and the Ascendant of Dutch PM

Dutch Prime Minister Balkenende's speedy reaction after the final report of the Davids commission about the political support for the Iraq War stunned Dutch politicians and journalists, yesterday. For the backgrounds, see the link. This post is about Mars on his Ascendant, reflecting the way he presented himself yesterday. Mars happened to be the God of war for the Romans. And yesterday, the report and the discussions happened to be about a war, too. Mr. Balkenende is already regarded a 'lame duck' since the installation of the first European President. And the polls don't make it any better. The events seem to have an effect on the position of British Labour, too.

He angered the opposition and the members of the Labour party. Labour is now member of the government, at the time of the decision to support the USA, Dutch Labour was in the opposition. Why was he so quick and assertive? The answer is Mars in Leo, right on his Ascendant. Mars is the symbol of aggression, action, fighting and attacks. Of course, the findings of the Davids commission stimulated the opposition and the journalist to 'attack' him. When Mars is on your Ascendant, by transit, you might get hurt.
On March 3, 2010 there will be local elections and then we see transit Mars square his Midheaven. So maybe the results will stimulate him to show his assertive reaction again. Now and then transit Mars square Midheaven is reflecting resignation. But as the parties of the coalition don't benefit from new elections (on the contrary) everybody is expecting them to try to hold on and survive.
There are more transits and progressions, like transit Uranus conjunct Progressed Moon on the Descendant, for a sudden experience and a moment of upheaval. Transit Jupiter inconjunct natal Uranus mirrors a certain relief, but...(there is always 'but' with an inconjunction) with a lot of upeavel.

On March 3 (local elections), transit Uranus will again be conjunct Progressed Moon. The polls are predicting bad results for the members of the present coalition, especially for Labour, but also for the Christian Democrats of Balkenende, who is been named a lame duck after the transit of Saturn inconjunct Midheaven (when he didn't become the first president of Europe). More about that in an earlier post...
The Davids report seems to have a bad effect for British Labour, too. Mr. Gordon Brown’s progressed Sun sign is changing, and in March 2010 transit Saturn will be inconjunct his Midheaven (right after transit Pluto on Midheaven in February). Another lame duck?


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Astromarkt said...

PS 11:37 is the most used hour of birth for mr. Balkenende. That gives an MC in the first degree of Taurus (and in that case Mars would not be ruling the Midheaven). For 11:36 and 11:37 the result is that in any case there is (within or out of sign) an oppostion of Neptune and and inconjunction of Saturn with Midheaven. Maybe that explains the number of fallen governements (3 or 4). If this government falls again (there is crisis now) he would not have completed any term at all.