Monday, January 18, 2010

Transits and (progressed) chart of Préval (Haiti)

Tonight there is a special Larry King on CNN at 8 p.m. ET, with Mick Jagger, Sarah Ferguson , and many others. It is about Haiti and how you can help. More info...
Meanwhile President René Préval lives at the airport and fails to lead the country that was not prepared for this disaster, in spite of warnings two years ago. His progressed Sun is opposition transit Saturn and soon transit Pluto will be square the progressed Sun. These transits are reflecting the serious (maybe cruel) problems that he faces (and the possiblity of being urged or forced to step back). With Sun -Saturn transits and progressions there is often a spotlight on what you did wrong (or on what you failed to do). Political enemies won't hesitate to blame him for, I am afraid. Also Transit Uranus square Mars is illustrating the incident and the tension (even revolt, or revolution). See the chart of the day of his birth, the progressions and the transits. Remember that it is a time unknown chart and that the positions of natal and progressed chart are estimated (in particular the position of the Moon) and calculated for noon.

The hour of birth of Preval is unknown. But the natal chart, progressions and transits seem to be in line with the difficult situation of the nation. Often, the charts of leaders are reflecting the condition of the people, like the charts of coaches are corresponding with the results of their team. That is logical, since they are fired if the team keeps loosing matches. More examples of coaches and their teams? See the label ‘football’ below this message on my blog Astropost.


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