Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Biography John Paul II (flagellation)

The biography of John Paul II mentiones that he hit himself with a belt and slept on the floor from time to time, this in order to come closer to his faith. John Paul II was a religious person above all. That is why Neptune is on his Midheaven (conjunct Jupiter) and quintile the Sun (he had a creative imagination and was creative in being ' a saint' ). Six quintiles/biquintiles in his chart are reflecting a special creativity!
The combination of Jupiter and Neptune refers to a belief (having a conviction related to the amorphous) and to having fans (devoted supporters or a believing audience). It is an aspect (or midpoint combination) that is often seen in the charts of religious persons like popes are.

Uranus is important in John Paul’s chart. It is the first outer planet rising before the sun. In his natal chart Uranus is inconjunct Midheaven: he wanted to make changes, but (there is always a ‘ but’ when there is an inconjunction) when he died conservatism returned. Now that his biography is being mentioned, transit Uranus is inconjunct his progressed Sun. This flagellation news might disturb the process of ' becoming a saint'. Or maybe it is in the news to highlight his devotion? Uranus often reflects a person's peculiarities. For a ' saint to be' being devoted enough to harm yourself might just be a pro!

Sun and Mars don’t make Ptolemaic aspects (the major aspects) and that means that he can be a ‘ star’ or a ‘leader’ or someone drawing attention at any possible level. And that there is a drive, aggression or sexuality at any possible level, too. We know that popes don’t have sex. So the ups and downs of energy and drive had to find another way to express itself. Mars is on the Ascendant. He hit (Mars) himself (Ascendant).

See the labels! And read about planets without aspects and 'missing' elements in ' Conspicuous in absence', on Astromarkt.


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