Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chart of the earth quake of Haiti

An important event, incident or accident always is the combination of three or more indications at the time. The chart of the earth quake on Haiti shows more than three indications at the time for the possibility of danger and disaster. Here they are in short:
1. The most prominent positions are for Mars, Saturn and Pluto, the combination of unnatural death.
2. The tightest and most important aspect is Saturn square Pluto.
3. Midheaven is semi square Neptune.
4. The IC is quindecile Uranus.
5. Sun/Moon is semi square Neptune.

But of course, what really counted is the earth plate and the fact that Haiti was not prepared for an quake at all.

Usually, when an important local event takes place, we see important angular aspects, very tightly. The angles (Midheaven, IC, Ascendant and Descendant) have a strong relationship with the exact place of the event at the specific hour. Uranus is the planet of shocking events. So there is a reason to expect an important role of Uranus in the chart of an earth quake such as in Haiti.

When the earth trembled, the planet of shocks and disaster (Uranus) was quindecile (165 degrees) from the IC, within half a minute orb. Uranus was also within orb for a 112.5 degree aspect (square + half semi square) with the Ascendant. However, on Haiti there is such a position each day and an earth quake like this happened 200 years ago.

The important midpoint Sun/Moon at 9.5 Capricorn was almost exactly semi square Neptune and Midheaven. Such a combination is less frequent. Even rarer is the combination of Uranus and Neptune with Sun/Moon and MC! Together Uranus-Neptune, Sun/Moon and Midheaven mean: a disaster (mourning and dissolution).

The most tight major aspects, besides the aspects with the angles, are Sun sextile Uranus*) and Saturn square Pluto. Saturn square Pluto can be mean. This aspect is the most important Ptolemaic aspect in the chart. That is because the positions of Saturn and Pluto are important. Saturn is angular, conjunct Midheaven (the conjunction had been tight almost 20 minutes before the quake) and Pluto is the first outer planet rising before the Sun.
There is another important planet in the chart and that is Mars. Mars doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. That is what I name a 'calling' Mars and it means that the effect of Mars can reach any possible level. Mars is the planet of aggression, war and injuries.
Mars, Saturn and Pluto define the Astro I.D. of the specific moment of the earthquake. Together they are the combination of death and destruction.

The most important aspect, the most important planets AND the combination with Uranus and Neptune together create the picture that corresponds with a destructive and desastrous moment in time on that particular spot on earth. But it could never have happened if Haiti was NOT an island on a risky place and if the houses on Haiti had been prepared for that risk.

Could this have been predicted? NO WAY! The positions in the chart just happen to reflect death (Mars, Saturn, Pluto most important) and disaster (Uranus, Neptune related to MC and Sun/Moon). Perhaps such positions occur on various places and times on earth without such an effect. A chart can only be read if you know conditions and situations. A birth chart can't be read without knowing gender (very important!) and social-economic starting position, historical and political context etc. That is because a chart is nothing more or less than a (selective) picture of the sky that we relate to an event, the character of a person who is born at that time or place and to certain actual influences on people. To relate the picture you need to know if the chart has been drawn for an animal, a company, a human being (man or woman), an event or an earth quake. It is also impossible to draw charts for every place and every moment on earth every day, to relate it to the situations and conditions of that place and to interprete these charts, if we wanted to, and then we still wouldn't be certain about the kind of effect, disaster or event. Statistics and charts don't function the other way around. Statistics and charts don't cause the event. Charts just report the correspondence between what happened and the reflection of positions in the sky.

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*)Sun sextile Uranus can be read as an easy way out in order to make a change. Read about sextiles (click on the label below this post on Astropost.There are so many examples of Mars-Saturn-Pluto on this blog now, so I created a label for that combination today.

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