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Could Stieg Larsson write?

Stieg Larsson (real name: Karl Stig-Erland Larsson) is a famous Swedish author. He wrote best sellers like 'The girl who played with fire'. He died five years ago and his long time partner, Eva Gabrielsson, was left without a penny. She now wants part of the millions saying that she did more than just editing his detectives...Now a journalist (Anders Hellberg) says that Stieg Larsson couldn't even write! So the question is: what does his chart say about writing talents?
(For more background info about the controversy, see the links below.)

There is no hour of birth for Stieg Larsson. Here you see the chart with the positions at noon on his birthday and the transits for the day that he died with transit Saturn exactly inconjunct Mars ('unbalancing end of energy, with a lost involved'). There were a few calling planets in his birth chart: Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. This trio is the combination of having a talent for communications. He was a communicator at any possible level (Mercury without major aspects), he was talented (Venus calling) and he was a success (Jupiter). There are 2 quintiles on his day of birth: Sun quintile Saturn and Venus quintile Uranus. Quintiles promise creativity in a certain field. His chart shows possible talent and success. The isolated Moon in Pisces with the ' calling' Venus in Libra is part of the pattern of artistic talent that is so common in the charts of authors, artists and musicians (as you can see on Art&Astrology).

It is also clear that he would write detectives or mysterious books. The Sun is sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto. The combination with Neptune and Pluto is the combination of the 'silent force' and is often seen in the charts of discrete people who deal with secrets and mysteries, like Agatha Christie. I also like to point at the combination of Sun quintile Saturn and sextile Neptune (illnesses) and Sun quintile Saturn in combination with the conjunction with Pluto (the 'die hard'). The effect of the combination don't only show up in the nature of his books, they also match with the way he lived (on a secret address because of death threads coming from ultra right extremists; Larsson was a communist.).
The first planet rising before his Sun is Mercury, 'calling'. Next is Uranus. He was a journalist first, communicating news items. Later he started writing thrillers (very Uranian).

Maybe the syntax really was mad and the language as bad as Dagens Nyheter journalist Anders Hellberg says on Lesley Riddoch's site. Maybe it is true that Larsson asked him to have 'a look 'at what he wrote, because he was a weak writer. And maybe it was his partner who did most of the writing. But then, how did he manage to become a famous and wealthy author? Was he so good at delegating? Mercury is semi sesquisquare Neptune in his natal chart. It is a combination of planets that seems to be part of suspicion and rumours. It is also the combination of miscommunications (weak - Neptune - writing - Mercury-). Also the Sun is quintile Saturn. That is the combination for a creative manager, someone who is creative in being the one in charge. The minor aspects in his chart show us a man with fantasy who might communicate (write and speak) at any possible level, with a frustrating 'mist' around his words. He was successful in finding editors. Jupiter is 'calling' and Jupiter is the planet of the helpers and...editors.

His critics say that he was good at research and a bad writer. Perhaps that is true. But he was also a creative person with great ideas (Mercury and Jupiter 'calling') and he managed to earn a lot of money (Jupiter semi quintile Pluto) with HIS name on the cover. The chart of the day of his birth shows the potential of a creative writer or at least a messenger with talents.

Charts don't judge. Charts show potentials. Charts also show controversies. The chart of the day of his birth shows the potential of a creative writer, someone with great ideas or at least a messenger with talents. It's also the chart of a creative manager and of someone who doesn't write or speak clearly. I would have loved to have his hour of birth and to know the day of birth of his partner Eva Gabrielsson to see how they cooperated and matched. It is an interesting mystery...

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Now that there is a movie based on one of his books (see this link: and his partner is demanding her part of the millions, transit Uranus is inconjunct his Sun, Pluto and Neptune. There is a lot of upheavel in Sweden about the position of Larsson's 'widdow' and there is even a site that asks you to donate for her.
*) (I wonder why she didn't ask her lover to acknowledge her as a co-writer when he lived? And why she didn't ask for an arrangement in his will? Well, too late now...)


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