Friday, January 15, 2010

Quaoar and the chart of Obama

The Ascendant represents situations, the world that you live in and the way that you present yourself. Quaoar is an important asteroid. Quaoar reflects creation, shaping new worlds. Quaoar is trine the Ascendant of Barack Obama. His progressed Ascendant is now opposition Quaoar. Here is the chart of Barack Obama with the important position of Quaoar**), in aspect with the natal and progressed Ascendant.

Some scientists attribute great influence to Barack Obama (and the Climate Conference). Their Doomsday Clock pointed at 5 minutes to Midnight, but it is now 6 to midnight...they say. They made a change:). Mr. Obama has a world wide influence. And his 'calling'**) Quaoar is reflecting a mission to shape another world. Now President Obama apparently shaped (Quaoar) a new situation (Ascendant) and his name (Ascendant) is now related to the creation of another (better) world.

Quaoar doesn't make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees in his natal chart. I name that a 'calling' Quaoar. A 'calling' planet is important for our mission and vocation. The calling planet has a strong influence and can reach any level (up or down). For more about the effect of a planet without major aspects, see Astromarkt: Conspicuous by absence (about missing elements and aspects)...

PS Mark Andrew Holmes created a fine glyph for Quaoar that you can see here . I like that glyph. The line of the glyph corresponds with the dancing lady and the lighting, see the site.


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