Monday, June 9, 2008

Who will Obama's 'second man'?

Hillary Clinton has given up with transit Saturn sextile Sun and transit Jupiter trine progressed Northern Node. She can still become an important figure in the government (provided that Obama beats McCain).

In april 2008 Obama said that he wanted Al Gore to become his vice president, but Al Gore did not say he would like to be his second man and that he is more interested in the enviromnment. Hillary Clinton has said that she is interested, but it seems that those who favour Obama do not like Hillary. Can he skipp her? I doubt it. But any compromise is possible. And astrology does not provide an answer when it comes to the difference between being a minister or a vice-president. Hillary Clinton has been in the White House before, already and I suppose she was influencial at the time, too.

About Al Gore I wrote before:
"Al Gore was born March 31, 1948 at 12h53 in Washinton. Minor aspects (only) are afflicting the oriental Mercury. Venus is calling, too. We see a communicator with diplomatic talents. The most narrow aspect in the chart of Al Gore is that of Mercury inconjunct Saturn (he should have to stop thinking in doom theories:). Saturn on the midpoint Mars/Pluto in the first house seems to be pointing at the nasty sides of political struggle.

Wikipedia mentions that during the campaign for the presidency of the USA Al Gore said misleading or false things. The same thing is happening now with An Inconvenient Truth. Recently a British judge judged that there are nine mistakes in this famous movie. Mistakes of great importance, I think (the period of time it takes for the sea to rise 20 feet, the facts that no polar bears drowned and no attols were evacuated, the fact that there is no exact fit at all between the graphs of carbon dioxide levels and temperatures over 650.000 years.

Al Gore has an afflicted Pisces Mercury inconjunct Saturn ('doom'theories and fantasies). That is one of the reasons that I doubt his theories just as much as I doubt Nostradamus, the Maya-calendar and the global effect of the position of Pluto conjunct the Galactic Centre, seen from earth. And it is not to be expected (astrologically) that there will be no other doubts. Next April Uranus will square his Progressed MC, Neptune will be inconjunct the Ascendant and Saturn will make hard aspects to both the natal and progressed Sun in the second half of August 2008. Well, time will tell... ">

We will have to wait till then, I am afraid, or throw coines:). We are not certain about birth times. And the messages of today show us that birth times make a hugh difference!

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Anonymous said...

Does it really matter than Gore was extreme in his comments? Sometimes the world only listens to doomsday prophets. The world needs to think about how everyone can live together and if Al jarred some people into that, good for him!