Monday, June 16, 2008


Torero José Tomás met a stronger bull on the 15th, but according to El Pais he will be OK in 5 days. That is amazing if you see the picture of the attack. The attack was not surprising, since transit Mars was square his Saturn as a warning for a possible painful injuruy.

José Martin was born August 20, 1975 in Madrid. His Sun in Leo is tightly square Vulcanus*) in Taurus, but that could be just coincidence, couldnot it:)?

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*)Vulcanus is the intruiging spot that I found in the charts drawn by my computerprogram (Astrolab) and that is frequently present and prominent in moment of public violence,like f.ex. the political murders in Holland in the past years. When JFK was murdered progressed Mercury was square progressed Vulcanus while Mercury and Vulcanus were on the descendant of the solar return chart of 1963. Also, Vulcanus was exactly square the midpoint of Saturn and MC. This added with transit Uranus conjunct progressed MC and Uranus sesquisquare Vulcanus shows a moment of surprise and unexpected violence.

Vulcanus is in 15d12 Gemini right now. And I am aware of the fact that it is very strange. There is no Vulcanus (most possibly) but there is this spot and it's effect and I think it is good to let you know.

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