Monday, June 9, 2008


A real gangster he was, John Dillinger, born 22nd June 1903 at 23h50 in Indianapolis. He was shot by the FBI on 22nd July 1934, so he did not get older than only 31. What made this man so 'famous' and criminal, according to his chart?

We see a very important Sun square Aries Point on the IC (leading role), conjunct Neptune (an idol, a double life) with Pluto oriental (money, power, force and strength first). The Moon - education, family and environment - is important, as the Moon is calling (not making Ptolemeic aspects in sign or orb - 5 d- ). His mother died when he was a kid and later he loved his stephmother. A calling Moon is also a hint. It tells us that his NEEDS were important, he needed to 'feed' himself no matter how. An unaspected Moon easily leads to addictions and misbehaviour, because the person involved does not really have control over his needs.

There are no placements in earth signs. That is an important signal for materialism. Please read for more info about about the missing element on my site Astromarkt.

Immagine the moment in time and place (the gangs ruling), and picture yourself a 'material boy' (no earth signs, Pluto as an orientation) who is poor and probably rebellious (Uranus on top, semi square Saturn)...It seems he could not hold a job (and he had been fired dishonoraby after deserting the U.S. Navy).
This chart also tells us about the item of the 'supernatural' 'mystical' or 'criminal' (Neptune/Pluto). Imagination, fantasy, vision and anything that is unseen and hidden ...was crucial in his life and background. Neptune is also the planet of drugs and alcohol and ... the movies. It seems that he copied the way he robbed banks from the movies.. The crucial placement of Neptune might also refer to his desertion as a crucial decission.

On his dying day:
- the progressed Sun was at 00d13m59s Leo (recently changed sign, a sign for a change in life)
- the progressed Midheaven was at 00d01m42s Aquarius (the MC also very recently changed sign)
- transit Vulcanus - a mysterious spot in the chart that is always there where public violence is present - was tightly sextile the progressed MC (and in the natal chart Vulcanus is 22.5 d away from Pluto/Ascendant and Pluto/MC and Sun/Pluto)

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