Friday, June 20, 2008


I am just thinking aloud in this message, about Saturn quincunx Uranus and Obama.

Saturn is inconjunct Uranus in the chart of Obama, and we could consider it to be a 'generational' aspect, if Uranus had not been that important in his chart. Uranus is 'calling': the only aspect that Uranus make is the quincunx with Saturn and a wide biquintile with Neptune. As these are not Ptolemeic aspects, Uranus is 'drifting' and we could expect 'reforming' at any level once that he is in charge. But...Saturn is inconjunct this Uranus and what could that mean? Saturn is strong in sign and ruling the 12th house of privacy and secrets. Saturn usually means 'restrictions, barriers, disadvantages' when Saturn is afflicted.

I have seen Saturn-Uranus having a role in the birth charts of civil girls marrying royalty. They have to give up some of their freedom (of speech for example) because they are subjective to protocol, government and traditions. The free press (Uranus) also tries to limit their action radius.

The Saturn-Uranus inconjunct of Obama is strongly connected to the Sun of his wife Michelle Obama. It might be that she in person 'shows him' the disadvantages of democracy and the limitations of status and carreer in his life.

Saturn and Uranus in combination symbolize the theme of limited freedom. Look at the labels on the left and choose Uranus to find examples of it (f.ex. the Fritzl-story, Natasha Kampusch). On a more political level I found Joseph McCarthy, a.o. and a few Dutch executed resistance men during WWII. Because the symbol of Saturn- Uranus is not just limitations of freedom, but also the rebellion against limitations. As usual the combination does not show right or wrong, actor or victim, only the fact that Saturn-Uranus -items will be important in a life.

Barack Obama will probably win the elections. The polls are in his favour. He is in the news more often than McCain is and McCain at present has Saturn semi square his Ascendant. That will not contribute to getting more voters. But somehow I wonder if Saturn inconjunct Uranus could really represant an election failure (again, sigh) or another blockade. However, now that Hillary Clinton stopped her campaign, what else could stop him to be the next president of the USA?

Want to know more about the effect of the unaspected planet or the missing element? Click for the article about Abscence or have a look at the chart of Obama??

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