Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chart of Harvey Milk

The 22nd May will be Harvey Milk-day in California from now on. Harvey Milk was a politician and a homosexual, He was murdered and is now an icon in San Francisco. When you read Wikipedia you may notice the terms 'martyr' 'imagined a righteous world' and 'ideological conflicts'. Astrologers then start thinking about 'Neptune'. Harvey Milk had a tight square between Sun and Neptune in his natal chart. Transit Pluto (the symbol of the price/prize, politics, influence, and ...life and death) is now inconjunct his natal Sun and trine natal Neptune. That is intensifying the myth. Transit Jupiter is inconjunct Pluto and trine progressed Mars. That is a combination for successs (but with a price).

Here you see his natal chart according to Astrotheme.fr with the progressions and transits of the day that he died and the chart with transits and progressions for today. For an explanation and more examples of the effect of Neptune or the inconjunction, see this blog Astropost (click the labels).

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