Sunday, October 18, 2009

2012 Exit Mundi or Age of Aquarius?

Scary movies and scary predictions have a function: they make you feel alive and kicking. Your heart is pounding, you breath deeper. Your senses have been awakened, it is Red Alert! And the kick makes you feel good, when you don't overdo it...That is why we love to do bungee jumping, see 'Scary Movie', or read about disasters in other places than ours. Afterwards we thank God that we are alive and well, sigh...:)

Maybe that effect is the reason why there is so much attention for 2012. What a relief it will be when in 2013 most of us are still around! Or will some followers of the idea of destruction be disappointed? Now that there is a disaster movie about the year 2012, hysteria might grow.

I read that in the USA teenagers plan to commit suicide because they are afraid to die (yes, it is true...). And I found an astrology site with the chart of December 21, 2012 and a tight Yod of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter (the Apex):

The Mayas seem to have been very accurate in calculating the position of the stars. They were correct about this one (though they didn't know about Uranus, Neptune or Pluto!!!). So the Yod in the drawing is a Yod that they could not forsee.

It is not such an exceptional chart as it appears. The position of the Sun is the same as it was 25.800 years ago and another 25.800 years ago etc. The earth counts millions and millions of years!

Another thing is that the Mayas didn't mean that the earth or our solar system would die. They meant that a new circle of life would start with a new calender, just like 25.800 years ago! Here is the December 21, 2012 chart for Greenwich. Funny, the Ascendant and Midheaven are exactly conjunct mine! That is scary!;o(( but: it happens every day!:)

Jupiter happens to be the protector of earth, so when a finger in a Yod points at Jupiter, I tend not to worry (if I ever did). I don't worry much about proclaimed ends of the world, because I have heard of so many before and we are still here! I remember 1962, when there was supposed to be an atomic bomb attack by the Russians, and the Jehavah's Witnesses (1975, 1904, 2014 etc),Ice Age, the Club of Rome, Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center and now the Mayan calender ending December 21, 2012. (Mine ends December 31 every year!) But let us get back to the topic '2012 chart!.Let us consider that:

1. There has never been a disaster that has been predicted by means of astrology
This includes the Tsunami, September 11, death of Kennedy, start of World Wars etc. Why not? Simply because there is no such thing as the chart of the world since we don't know when exactly at what hour the world was born. A chart is related to time AND place on earth...

2. Yod's are frequent

3. If it is a matter of numbers (21-12 than 2112 would be a better moment:)

4. Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception and sextile: they interact. It is a dangerous composition, but...there is an inconjunction with Jupiter. Jupiter is a fortunate symbol.

5. How about the Age of Aquarius? Why would the world end with starting that (read the post of Gene Ray about the March 2012, Age of Aquarius)

Every day, somewhere, someone is involved in a tragedy, a disaster. Sometimes it is groupwise, a war, an accident, a flood. We can only try to be carefull and be alert and do the best we can. Why spend energy on a fictious idea, while there are dozens of disasters around us and we don't care? The fear for 2012 seems to be a selfish fear to get hurt or to die. It is the same sort of fear that thrills us when we see a scary movie. It is exciting, non productive and useless, unless you know what to do next. But it is thrilling. It is a bit like astrology. You see something coming up, there is not much you can do except being prepared to do the best you can or simply hold your breath and NOT be afraid too much. Because just like proclaimed disasters and falling asteroids, some transits and progression pass bye without any impact. Why is that? I don't know. Maybe they were only meant to keep you alert and to feel alive or maybe the idea of the brain is to make your blood flow!
Exit this story!

One of the funiest sites (IMO) is Exit Mundi. Here you see a collection of end-of-world scenarios. There are so many that you can't help to start laughing!:)
Read Exit Mundi and you will notice again that you are here, alive and well. Whenever an 'end of the world's story comes up, I see that site! There is also a site of Exit Mundi about 2012....Have a nice Sunday-evening!



Anonymous said...

I cannot lay my hands on it at the moment but I am sure that there is an ancient Egyptian Text which shows the dates of precession and 2012 was for entry into Aquarius
I do so enjoy my daily dose of your Blog.

Astromarkt said...

Thank you for your kind commment!:)

Funkstar said...

the last jupiter yod to saturn/pluto i could find occurred at 13 gemini. on that day, 19 may 1989, a government rep met with students in Tienmen square. next day martial law was declared in Beijing. 04 june there was a new moon at 13 gemini, withn one hour the square had been cleared.

Astromarkt said...

Thanks for the information, Funkstar!

Astromarkt said...

For those interested, here is a link to the Washington Post's files about the last Saturn/Pluto with Jupiter Yod of May 19, 1989:

(copy and past)

Astromarkt said...

Russian astrologers cancel disaster 2012, read the English Pravda...
Interesting article...