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Another lottery winner's chart (t&p's)

Many millions can be won in the lottery, but only a few lucky guys have a chance to win. I have one more lucky date of birth to add to the list. It is June 25, 1946. Someone born on that day bought a lucky number. Above is the chart of the lottery moment. The green positions (transits) are for the day of birth of the winner.

Just like the other examples of winners of the lottery (see link), this man has a Jupiter-Uranus connection in the natal chart.
a. Jupiter is almost exactly trine Uranus.
b. The Sun is semi square Jupiter/Uranus midpoint.
More of us have such nice combinations (especially astrologers). Still we don't all win millions. Some of us because we don't even try. Most of us, because there can only be one.  It takes a lot of luck on the specific day. This guy had:

Moon in Taurus (maybe that is a help?:)

Jupiter trine Uranus
Sun semi square Jupiter/Uranus
Jupiter semi sesquisquare Pluto (67.5d) (This aspect combination will be repeated in transit and means: lot of money or great value/success)

Uranus is important (rises before the Sun). (Transit Uranus was just past square Sun in March)

He has Mars semi square Jupiter.

That is in line with the other winners (see Astromarkt). They use to have a Jupiter-Uranus combination AND a Mercury-Jupiter or Mars-Jupiter aspect.

PROGRESSIONS (chart of 1 day after birth, valid for 1 year after birth)
Progressed Mercury sextile Progressed Venus means ' good notice'.

1. Transit Jupiter square Progressed Pluto (resonating the natal Jupiter-Pluto semi sesquisquare)
When a natal combination is being repeated by transit and/or progression, this transit or progression is more important than usual! Jupiter-Pluto is the combination of success.

2. Transit Venus inconjunct Progressed Jupiter (Venus-Jupiter is a party with a loss or getting out of balance involved; too much, too much)

  • Transit Saturn square Mercury (he was rather late with his announcement. Saturn-Mercury apparently doesn't frustrate the chance to win, just communicating or getting to know it).
  • Transit Venus and Transit Mercury were sextile Saturn; cautious and careful…late, but in time
  • Transit Ceres square Saturn and transit Jupiter square Ceres: the ups and downs of harvest, dynasty…
  • It was on a Transit Sun trine Pluto day (a day to be a winner, the easy way)
  • Transit Pluto was inconjunct Venus: hey! That is the theme of earning or gaining money (Venus-Pluto) with an inconjunct (out of balance, a loss involved). Maybe he had to start donating and supporting from the moment that he had to make public that he won such a lot of millions. 

What can you learn of this?
A. That it would be nice to see the hour of birth, of course:)
B. That it helps to have a Jupiter-Uranus natal and a Jupiter-Pluto transit combination
C. That you need not worry too much about transit Saturn with Mercury. You can even win the lotto on such a day!
D. That the transit Venus-Pluto inconjuncts aren't that bad when you win too many millions and your financial situation gets an overly positive balance:)
E. It is important to have at least 3 lucky transits and/or progressions.

Astrology doesn't work the other way. Even if you would have all the lucky aspects, there is a small chance to become a multi millionaire just like that.
For your comfort: too much money is worse than too little, says this site...

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