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Guess what happened...a more complicated number two

This is the second 'guess what happened' chart on this blog, for those who like to solve a mystery. My advice: remember to always start with the natal chart, to include circumstances and situation and only then to consider what might have happened on a certain day, when there were 3 or more indications of an event, like in this case.

Here are some of those important keys.

  • WHO A business woman and mother of two, divorced. Her father is rich. 
  • WHAT Her friend is away for business.The person is the daughter of a rich business man and she also owns her own company in a Western country. There are no servants. A phone is ringing.
  • WHEN It is in the evening. 
  • WHERE She is in her own house. 

??? And then what happens? See the chart (natal, transits and progressions).

Time of birth is unknown. More people were born on her day of birth, of course. She was born on the same day as a footballer who later managed Ipswich (starting in...2006).  Watch the natal chart and notice the importance of Saturn in that chart. Management is part of what Saturn means. Saturn is also the symbol of business, ambition and the importance of parents/parenthood. Mercury is also important, because Mercury is 'calling'.

There were 5 aspects:
1. The Progressed Moon is conjunct Sun and sesquisquare Uranus.
2. Transit Neptune is square Progressed Moon and sesquisquare Uranus
3. Transit Neptune is also square natal Sun
4. Transit Pholus is sesquisquare Venus
5. Transit Jupiter is trine Progressed Sun

Something important happened that night. But what? It was one of the next 5 events:

a She left the house without giving notice, forever.
b. She was told that her father had died.
c. She was abducted for a while (without the children)
d. She tried to set the house and factory on fire after she was told that she was bankrupt.
e. Her ex-husband killed her and hid her body.

What would your idea be, considering the chart? For those who can't wait for the answer, use the link at the bottom of this article (and for those who don't want to know the answer before they found it by deduction: don't cross over the link or you will see...)

It is a complicated picture and an interesting mix. You might find the right answer by having a look at the natal chart. It is there were you see a 'theme'.  You could start to eliminate those events that don't seem to be reflected by the chart.

Astrology doesn't work 'the other way around', so that it is very hard to be specific about events. So don't worry if you don't know what happened...

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