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Chart of Mick Jagger

The chart of Mick Jagger is an A-rated chart of Astrodienst. Here it is, with transits and progressions for  July 12, 1962, the first day of the Rolling Stones.

If I didn't know whose natal chart this was, I'd start with the Astro ID and see the importance of ambition (Saturn), drawing attention (Sun) and...the importance of artistic talents (Moon, Venus, Neptune). Because:

  • Moon in Taurus ('calling' and semi square AC/MC midpoint), 
  • Neptune ('calling' for vision at any possible level) and
  • Venus (exactly square Ascendant and making the tightest aspect, a trine with Mars)
  • As the Sun rules all the planets AND because the Sun is the final dispositor of the Midheaven I'd think of performance, show, being a leader or a star. 
  • Saturn (rising before the Sun, 'calling' for ambition, no matter what), 
In the autumn of 1963 Mick Jagger stopped Economy school (Progressed Sun sextile Saturn), because at that moment the Rolling Stones were already very popular. He became a professional artist.
I could tell a lot more about his transits and progressions during the years of his life, but who would be interested? There are more interesting objects of study. For example: Mick Jagger is also known for the amount of women that he shared his bed with. Among them: Marianne Faithfull, Margaret Trudeau, Mackenzie Phillips, Carla Bruni and Angelina Jolie. He has 7 children of 4 women and married twice. Where are all those women in his chart?
  1. He is cool (Venus Virgo) attractive (Venus square Ascendant) and passionate (Venus trine Mars).
  2. Saturn is ruler 8 and ruler 8 (of life and death and sex) is rising before his sun
  3. Mars semi square Sun/Moon and in Taurus gives a sort of a need for action and production. Or …. reproduction
  4. Venus and Neptune are of importance and they are situated in the 5th house of the opposite sex. Venus and Neptune are important for talents. They are also romantic and tend to have affairs. In the chart of Mick Jagger Neptune (romance!) is calling! It means that because of the lack of narrow major aspects in sign there is romance at any possible level, somehow, anyhow, always...
  5. Let's not forget that Mick Jagger is a worshipped star. The Sun is of vital importance in the chart, ruling all planets. As there are 50% placements in fire and in fixed signs, the sign Leo (and the ruler: Sun) is prominent. The Sun is the star in the chart. It is much easier for a star to get a lot of fans and beautiful mistresses.
  6. Think of the situation: Mick's star was rising in the 'free' 60s, his status (Saturn!) and his drive (Mars=Sun/Moon) came together and the result was the king bee.  

Now and in the next period of time, the transit of Uranus and Pluto will hit the progressed Sun, Midheaven/IC and natal Moon of Mick Jagger and probably cause upheaval. In fact, it has already begun.  He is under pressure and there are a lot of speculations (Transit Neptune inconjunct his natal Sun) about a final tour. It is a hype that causes stress, mixed emotions and nerves.
Stage fright? Still?

They say that Mick Jagger even had more women than Casanova had. Casanova was a completely different kind of person. If you want to see his chart and read about him, just click.

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