Monday, June 13, 2016

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: perfect match?

On Kim Kardashian tells us how astrology helped her realize that Kanye West is her perfect match. She mentions a thorough study of sun signs Libra (hers) and Gemini (his) to come to that conclusion. It is not exactly a secret that the air signs do match, but it take a bit more to be a perfect match. Unfortunately there are no verified hours of birth for Kim or Kanye and the charts produced by have a low rating. The means that I can't use the Ascendant, MC or Moon position to see how perfect the match might be. The C-rated chart of Kanye is based on an hour of birth given by Matthew Currie, no source mentioned. I'll use that one,. Here is the chart of Kanye West with transits of the day of birth of his wife Kim Kardashian.

She doesn't seem to have an indication of divorce, but he does. The Moon square Neptune isn't a solid aspect for long lasting relationships in the chart of a man. Because it is only 1 aspect, perhaps that is not enough to create a divorce. If the time of birth is right, the Saturn of Kim is on the Descendant of her husband.  Saturn sticks like glue! Or like a stamp to a letter... There are not many aspects in synastry.Venus in Taurus matches with Venus in Virgo, but there is no narrow trine. Mars in Taurus doesn't match with Mars in Sagittarius. And yes, Libra Sun is a perfect partner for Gemini Sun, even without an aspects between them. The charts are not perfectly matching, but as long as that Saturn-glue keeps sticking, they will be together. It doesn't take a long study to see that. It is basic knowledge. BTW I know couples who had a perfect sun sign match and didn't stay together because of other influences. But it helps when your sun sign matches.

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