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Mercury inconjunct Uranus in the chart of Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra is a very successful spiritual author.  His book 'Spiritual Solutions' has been elected Best Spiritual Book this week (in the Netherlands) and that is only one of the many awards.  He writes best sellers. This drew my attention. So I searched on the internet and found out that he first was a medical doctor and now is a spiritual authority. That, of course, is food for controversy. See Wikipedia for more information on that. This post is about the controversy mirrored by the natal chart by means of Uranus (inconjunct Mercury and opposition Midheaven).

Above is the chart of Deepak Chopra with Mercury inconjunct Uranus. Mercury inconjunct Uranus mirrors an overload of upheaval related to communications (what you say, write or sing). As Uranus is the most important planet in Deepak Chopra's natal chart, this aspect is also important in his life.

Why is Uranus important in his chart?
Deepak Chopra's natal chart has 4 'calling' positions:

  • Sun (for drawing attention and for being the star), 
  • Venus (for diplomacy, talent, popularity and comfort), 
  • Pluto (for authority and strategy), and
  • Uranus (for change, renewal and independence/ alienation)
Sun, Venus, Pluto and Uranus don't make narrow aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees.
Uranus is also in a tight opposition with Midheaven. This angularity turns Uranus into the most important planet of the chart. The opposition with Midheaven is the key to the change from medical doctor to spiritual coach. The fact is that there is an inconjunct (150 degree aspect or quincunx) between Mercury and Uranus. Inconjuncts mirror problems.

SYNASTRY WITH MAHARISHI: Uranus inconjunct Sun
I read that Deepak Chopra drew the attention of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. His Uranus is inconjunct the Sun of the Maharishi. Deepak Chopra eventually did it 'his way'. Again, his Uranus (symbol of independence) proved to be important.

Mercury in conflict with Uranus
Mercury inconjunct Uranus is the concept of new or shocking ideas or words. But Mercury-Uranus can also reflect mental disruption. In traffic Mercury-Uranus is a risk. Gloria Estefan, August Busch IV and Laura Bush are examples in the post about this side of Mercury-Uranus:

Controversial ideas are only shocking when you are part of a community or 'world' with different ideas than yours. That is why many astrologers have a Mercury-Uranus aspect in their charts (often accompanied by Jupiter). Mercury-Uranus changes minds or provokes 'words' and discussions. Mercury-Uranus kind of ideas may be considered wrong in the eyes of others and sometimes they are.

The person with a hard Mercury-Uranus aspect often has to learn not to mention those 'different' ideas, especially in countries without freedom (Uranus) of speech (Mercury). It is because with Mercury-Uranus you tend to say (Mercury) what you think (Mercury) instantly (Uranus), too soon, before others are ready (Uranus) or when it is not political correct (Uranus).  Mercury-Uranus is for the free thinker.

This aspect between Mercury and Uranus doesn't answer the question if a person is correct or not. Mercury-Uranus simply makes the audience think and wonder or laugh or ... protest.

PS for those with a Mercury-Uranus conflict in their charts: Mercury-Uranus also tends to interrupt in a discussion. That is because they want to communicate their ideas immediately. (You can avoid this impulse by writing it down while counting to ten...)

Silvio Berlusconi has an important Mercury square Uranus. You read about it in

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like Mercury-Uranus (quote):

"Mercury-Uranus' effect is 'hectic' as the combination means 'information on impulse' (re: Mars-Uranus for acting on impulse) and provocative information (just a little different from what the others think). Uranus is the planet of change and Mercury of info, so lies of the Mercury-Uranus-kind are quick lies and often communication techniques like changing subject when it comes to telling the truth or at worst by twisting words and facts to end up with a completely different story. With the planet of inventions linked to the planet of words, you can make your own vocabulary, too. Sarah Palin has Mercury quintile Uranus: to creatively invent words…like ‘refudiating’."
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Brutus view on angularity:

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