Saturday, October 25, 2008

Being ill and the chart, progressions and transits of Severiano Ballesteros

Neither Pluto nor Jupiter makes Ptolemaic aspects in the chart of Severiano Ballesteros, the famous golf player and that is one of the signs for success. Severiano Ballesteros has 60% of the placements in fire signs. That is an indication for energy and dare. Unfortunately a few weeks ago the news about Ballesteros was that he had been taken to hospital. He has a brain tumour.

For his condition we see that in the last year, the progressed Midheaven was inconjunct Neptune (placed down under in the chart). Transit Saturn is disposing of the 6th house and about to make an inconjunction with the natal Sun, after being square to Mars (ruler of the Sun). It is easy to see the present pattern of illness(Saturn-Neptune).

Today the Hospital La Paz in Madrid said that the 3rd operation was a success.

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