Saturday, August 17, 2013

Glory of a hole-in-1 and the chart

A successful moment in life shows in the chart and it doesn't have to be a world wide success or a career advancement. You may have transit Jupiter on your side on a golf course.

My husband learns to play golf since 1 year. After 2 'birdies' in the past half year, he now had a 'hole-in-1'. There was excitement, a publication and a lot of congratulations! His chart joined the party, in many ways.

Jupiter is an important key to success. Transits of Jupiter sometimes do nothing at all. I think that is also, because it takes more than 2 (say 3:) indications for success in a chart to really reflect something memorable. On the hole-in-one day, my husband had:

- transit Jupiter square Sun (new success)
- transit Jupiter trine Moon (happy moment to remember)
- transit Venus (ruler 5th house, house of plays and games) on Progressed Midheaven (wish coming true)
- transit Pluto conjunct Progressed Mars (winning strike:)
- transit Mercury conjunct natal Pluto
- transit Venus conjunct Uranus (ruler 5)

There is always an important Pallas in the charts of those who play these games. You must have an eye for patterns, for 'how things swing'. He has. He has Sun/Moon semi square Pallas.

It seems that there are insurances for the risk of a hole-in-one, as there are tournaments with the rule that you must buy all members a drink when you hit that. He was just playing with another member, so the fact that Jupiter is his ruler 2 in 2 will only lead to a big pie party in the club house. I think...

In a chart, success never comes alone. And when you have a success, many want to be part of it. Even my chart joines in it! Transit Jupiter is opposition my Sun/Moon midpoint. The opposition often refers to 'others'. Spotlights (sun/moon) on the success (Jupiter) of others (opposition).  This post is one of those spotlight:).

So, if you have 2 Jupiter transits AND one of Venus, you may have a lucky day. And that is the lesson of this:)

Unfortunately, there is no video of the fortunate swing. But you can see Tiger Woods' hole-in-one:  More on Tiger Woods on this blog:

PS You may notice that his Sun must be square my Sun/Moon midpoint. The Sun/Moon midpoint of a woman is often related to the Sun  of her husband, like with Victoria and Albert, Onassis and Jackie, or other planets in the husband's chart... or vice versa. See (Also visit other articles on )

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