Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mercury square Mercury

It had a longer title for this post, before (Progressed Mercury square Mercury in conflict with Uranus) and it is exactly what this post is about: transit or progressed Mercury square Mercury. And an example of someone who had transit Uranus afflicting both.

Only those who get very old will ever have a progressed Mercury square Mercury. Transit Mercury square Mercury happens more often. That is the moment when your brain has problems with information coming in and when your way of communicating isn't very informative or not understood. At least that is what I noticed today.

An old lady was in pain and they wonder why. So there was an Xray in hospital and later they administered a morphine based pain killer. Within a few hours she got very sick and confused. Now she doesn't know what day it is and what happened. This happened with Transit Uranus square her natal Mercury and opposition progressed Mercury.

A sudden mental conflict at old age... I won't live long enough for my progressed Mercury square Mercury.  When that happens it's 96 years after birth. Transit Mercury square Mercury happens quite often. I 'had it' on April 20 and wrote nothing. Transit Mercury opposition Mercury was on June 6 2013 (when I wrote about D-Day and Dwight D. Eisenhower's DD-rated chart). There were a lot of DD's in that post!

On Sunday 15th September it will be transit Mercury square my Mercury, again. I promise that I won't tell any stories then!

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