Monday, July 27, 2015

Hulk Hogan: Saturn, Pluto and Pholus

Suppose that you are Hulk Hogan, a tough, strong and rich guy. Suppose that you have Mercury ‘calling’ and Mars, too. Mars is also rising before your Sun. That is the picture of the kind of guy who ‘calls’ and says things while working and fighting and fast…and all this at any kind of level, somehow, anyhow. Mercury and Mars prominent lead to discussions. There is a lot of discussion around Hulk Hogan today. People want him out after his racist 10 year old rant appeared on the internet. His name is no longer on the WWE Wall of Fame. Exit Hulk Hogan even not after saying sorry. 

He said it. Now what does his chart say? 

1.    Astrothème gives him Pluto conjunct Ascendant. That means that the present square of transit Pluto with his progressed Ascendant is twice as heavy as the usual Pluto (who is rather nice, with that big heart but also icy cold). Pluto means crisis, challenges and problems, often, just like Pluto means strength, power, influence and value. Pluto has two sides.

2.    Another painful point is transit Pholus sesquisquare his Mars (how about hurtfully shooting your own feet?).

3.    On top of this, transit Saturn square his midpoint Sun/Moon is depressing and demotivating.

4.    And there you have Pluto again: sesquisquare Sun/Moon to complicate things. You can’t have them all, but Hulk Hogan sure has a lot.

He was hit by Pluto, Saturn and Pholus at the same time: that is like a hard boomerang point of no return. 

Here is the chart with transits and progressions. These bad transits wouldn't hurt anyone born at another time and place on that day, even though they also have Mercury and Mars 'calling'. 

See the labels for more examples of Mercury ‘calling’ and opinions or remarks that cause trouble. And see for the data.

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