Sunday, July 12, 2015

Color horoscope for Bill Cosby and Prince Philip

I like the color horoscope (free try out version of and I want to tell you about it. I added the picture of a kaleidoscope. Just like with computer horoscopes, you may wonder what the REAL picture is. Computer horoscopes are (sometimes free) compositions of signs, positions and aspects in a row. They seem to fit, but often fail when you do it for another person and another one. With so many possible notions the computer horoscope is often a 'one size fits all' and one size doesn't really fit, always. The color horoscope of is one that I like. At least: I like the short free version (I haven't tried the complete one). It is because of the 'Roles you play' and 'Background' part. I'll show you why and I'll also show you why it doesn't fit all. Computer horoscopes sometimes help you to 'see the picture' and sometimes they just give a bunch of contradicting texts. This part, if you are ready to include the context (social circumstances, gender, genes, the whole picture), helps to see a character.

Today is Bill Cosby's birthday. Transit Uranus is square his Sun now that he is in the news in a negative way and Transit Uranus will be back in 2016. In his solar return chart, Sun square Uranus tells us about a hectic and nervous year. Here is the natal chart with transits and progressions for July 8.

I used 11:54 a.m. (Progressed Venus conjunct MC at marriage in 1964). That gives Ixion a special place. Ixion is also on the midpoint Venus/Pluto. Soon after 1964 the abuse began and progressed Sun was semi square Ixion. Right now, progressed Sun is almost exactly conjunct Saturn (a time to face the facts). I had to use A time because you can't try out the color horoscope without hour of birth. I didn't use the times mentioned on Astro. com, because they come from 1 source and don't give any appropriate data for 1964. So this is a guess chart. The color horoscope mention for 'Roles you play' and 'Background':
  • Desirous
  • Looking for support
  • Searching for pleasure
  • Interested
  • Lack of self-confidence
2x desire/pleasure, 2x seeking contact, 1x lack of self confidence. It sounds like a person who is eager for pleasure and good in communications, but who doesn't believe in the results and perhaps that is why he used drugs to 'conquer' the women he abused. But (#kaleidoscope) you can also get the picture of a very nice social person, like the father in the TV series.
They say that you can have it your way with any computer horoscope, but this one at least doesn't 'sound' like the chart of a violent or super cool and controlled person. I did my chart and those of others and yes: you see (part of a) character, but what you do with that character ... nobody knows. It depends on the rest of the chart and ... on the background. Bill Cosby couldn't do what he did if he wasn't famous, powerful and popular. We wouldn't even look at his chart:). 

Now how about the chart of Prins Philip. If he wasn't the husband of the Queen of England,we wouldn't mind what he says or does, but we do. 
Prins Philip, we know, is rather rude. There is a whole list of unwanted and political incorrect public communication on the net. He always knows how to hurt someone. But when you use the color horoscope, you get 'sensitive' twice! That is because the computer horoscope didn't include the fact that both Mercury and Mars are Out of Bounds and that Mercury is angular. That is how the computer missed the sharp (Mars) tongue (Mercury)! The color horoscope also mentions 'Center of attention' and 'Manipulation' ...Anyway, try yours and see!
Why try it? Well, I like that color horoscope. It is fun. I realize that the try out version is not the complete version and that computer horoscopes (as 'they' are afraid of skipping something important) mention too much always and forget about the 'main picture). Still, there is something about it...And no, they don't pay me to tell you this.

If you want to learn a quick and not computerized way to read your chart, read this: How to read a chart...

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