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The bankruptcy in the chart of Patricia Kluge-Rose

Patricia Kluge divorced John Kluge 20 years ago and had a lot of money, but now she filed for bankruptcy. Millions (and some say billions) have gone...What does the chart say? 

I won’t start with the transits of Pholus and Saturn (nasty turning point). I start where it starts: with the natal chart.  And with her marriage with John Kluge. That is when her lifestyle changed in a dramatic way. Here is her chart with the transits for now:

Her name was Patricia Rose and she was a pauper before she was a belly dancer and porn star. Then she met a rich man who fell in love with her. Her 'Midas' was John Kluge. He was married and she had a relationship, too, when they met. 

I like to point at Pholus in the 7th house of marriage. Her marriage (7th house) was a turning point in life (Pholus)! John Kluge turned her life into gold in a fairy tale marriage - in the eyes of the public - (Venus/Neptune square Jupiter). And when he died, the economic crises was repainting her life again…Both times Pluto was there! Continue for the synastrie with John Kluge, the repeating pattern of Pluto and Orcus and the list of indications for bad financial times.

John Kluge was born September 21, 1914 (34 years before Pat) and it may not be surprising that his Jupiter was trine her Sun! That means protection, support and trust. His Neptune trine her Midheaven makes her his 'muse'. But it didn't last. Why not? Their Sunsigns don't match (Libra-Virgo). Venus quintile Venus offered compensation (a creative way to love each other), but apparently that was not enough. In that year 1981 transit Jupiter was on her Sun. P Sun square Pluto in her second house (of money) and both in aspect with transit Jupiter create Sun-Jupiter-Pluto: a combination for successes and increased self esteem.

Their marriage lasted for about 9 years. Pluto and Orcus are important for this marriage.
a. There is a pattern with Pluto. Pluto is the symbol of transformation, life and death, stress and challenges. In the natal chart Pluto is in the 2nd house of money making and sextile the Sun. Whenever there is a progression with Pluto, her life style changed and money does it! Pluto is the symbol of transformation and intensity (or stress...)
- She married with Progressed Sun square Pluto, in 1981. 
- Now he died (September 2, 2010) and she filed for bankruptcy. Her Progressed Sun is now trine Pluto. 
b. Orcus is important in the chart of Pat Kluge-Rose. Orcus is semi square Pat’s Sun/Moon (in the natal chart) and makes a statement: issues of broken oaths and contracts will be highlighted in her life.
 The divorce of 1990 came with Saturn moving into the 7th house of marriage and Jupiter moving into the 2nd house of money. This describes what happened: the marriage ended, she was offered a lot of money. In the year before the divorce her Progressed Sun was inconjunct Orcus. Orcus is important in her chart…Inconjunctions refer to loss. 

You may wonder why she didn’t  retire? She has Mars in aspect with the midpoint AC/MC and Mars is ‘calling’ (no aspects in orb 5 degrees). That is the signal of the workaholic, the driven person, someone who needs to ‘do’ something. In the chart of a lady it might also point at the importance of men.
And why wine? Why the porn? Neptune is rising before the Sun (spirituality and the movies are ruled by Neptune). The important Mars is novile Neptune and …Neptune is the dispositor of the Midheaven in Pisces (sign rules by Neptune).

Then 20 years after the divorce her ex-husband dies with transit Uranus on her Midheaven (a shock) and transit Pluto inconjunct progressed MC (a position transforming, with a lost involved; her ex-husband was now her late husband). Uranus+Pluto point at radical, dramatic and unexpected change and surprise. Saturn was in her second house. Her financials were critical.

Many indications for unlucky change tell us about her present situation:

1. Responsibility and guilt
In the progressed chart Saturn is conjunct Ascendant, showing nasty situations, being held responsible…

2. Turning point in life style
We see transit Pholus retrograding from a conjunction with Progressed Sun (Pholus will be back later...).  Transit Pholus is also square Progressed Moon.
Pholus is for a turning point. In the natal chart Pholus is in the 7th house of marriage (turning points in partnership).

3. Being at a low point in life
Wicked Transit Saturn is planning to it her natal Sun again, too and will also square the Ascendant again. Transit Saturn is at the lowest point (North) in the chart and I know that that means that when Saturn starts ‘climbing’ again, you have gone through one of the hardest periods in life.
Saturn mirrors ending periods in life and goodbyes.

 4. Self esteem (come back)
There is also Progressed Sun trine Pluto (an easy transformation of lifestyle, survival). (How nice can trines be in a cycle? In 1981, when she married Kluge, her Progressed Sun was square Pluto, in the second house of money).  In the article on Read the Hook her partner tells us that they filed for bankruptcy to stop having to put money into the company: survival!

5. Orcus and Saturn
Also (not in the chart drawing) transit Orcus was conjunct Venus and Saturn recently (broken contracts related to partners). Orcus (broaken oaths) is sesquisquare Sun/Moon. Contracts and oath have great impact on her life. But Orcus is also a symbol of 'retribution'. Right now transit Orcus is conjunct her Saturn; time for the nasty sides of oaths and contracts. When there is a bankruptcy many bills fail to be paid. 

Just recently I pointed at the Saturn-Orcus aspect in the chart of Obama (bad polls now that the promises for change don’t seem to be kept, see:

So, as you can see in the list, there is a packet of nasty (Saturn) changes (Pholus) forcing her to start all over again or reorganize in the field of money (Pluto in 2nd house). When you are in business and see such a list coming, make sure that you are safe...
For her wealth we see the Ascendant conjunct Sirius (the dog star). The tightest aspect is Venus sextile Uranus (often seen in the charts of beauties) with Venus semi square Ascendant.

Perhaps it is better to understand the ups and downs in the life of Pat Kluger when you start with the beginning. Read the story of her life here

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