Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunar eclipse tonight (and Papandreou's birthday)

There are different ways to see the eclipse of today: looking at the degrees of the eclips (25th Gemini-Sagittarius), looking at the saros serie (SS 13 South), seeing the aspects with the midpoint of Sun/Moon (square Ceres) and looking at the combination of them. This total lunar eclipse happens to be conjunct the natal sun of the Prime Minister of Greece. Now watch the sabian degrees, Ceres and SS 13 South...

The degree of the Moon at full moon is 25th Sagittarius.The Zodiac Image Handbook (by Koppejan) shows the image of a couple at the end of an exhausting party, sitting at the table with left overs and empty bottles. Janduz said that this is a degree of exaggeration. And there is another image of a rich boy on horseback (by Rudhyar and Marc E.Jones). Maybe this is the eclipse that tells us not to be carried away  by luxury

The Sun's degree (25 Gemini) shows the picture of on old man in a library, quite the contrary of the picture of the Moon and in line with this opposition. It is a degree of intellectual culture, says Janduz. The second image in the Zodiac Image Handbook is that of a gardener, taking care of palm trees. Culture again and cultivating. 

Eclipses come in families, says Bernadette Brady, about the Saros Cylcle ( 
I bought her book'Predictive Astrology' and in that book are all eclipses in the family. The one of tonight belongs to number 13. Brady relates this family to Australia, where eclipses of this range seem to stimulate the community spirit (or stormy weather, real or in politics). 

Could the combination of the Sun-Moon opposition and eclipse mean: A joint effort to reconsider, cultivate and stop spending too much? Or is it more so that the controversy between intellectual cultivation and 'having a party' will be highlighted these days? When the earth darkens the moon, maybe it is time to stop dreaming and see the world from another perspective (as a shadow on the moon). 

And, would it just be coincidence that George Papandreou, PM of Greece (in debt, asking for monetary support by the EU, see the news about the strikes*): was born on June 16, 1952 with the Sun in the 25th of Gemini? His birthday tomorrow will highlighted by this eclipse! I don't know if that means that it will be a happy birthday. But I know that the images of the Zodiac Image book and the meaning of SS13 are corresponding with his dilemma. And there is even more...

See about Sun/Moon midpoint. This Sun/Moon midpoint is square Ceres. People born during this eclipse will be strongly motivated by issues regarding dynasty, nurturing, nutrition, heirloom, genes, seeds and motherly care: the basics, the people (plebeians, see Wikipedia). More about Ceres...

*) Greece: monetary problems and strikes against the austerity policy. The EU nations (and the people: it is taxes)  providing money to help Greece get over the financial problems will demand strict measures. 

About Lunar Eclipse in history: night of the blood red moon...

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