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Best seller writers' charts

How to be a best seller writer like for example J.K. Rowling, now in the news with Pottermore? It takes more than the chart (the right time and place and editor, for example), but what chart is the best? You are to late to change your time and place of birth but you are still in time to see if at least your chart has the same qualities as the three million selling authors Agatha Christie, Barbara Cartland and J.K. Rowling. Today it is Mercury trine Neptune and that is good for story telling (mixing facts and fantasy or communicating fiction). Those who were born today won't have problems with inventing tales. Here is a story about 3 writers and what their charts tell us.

Lots of people want to be a famous writer and trillions of concepts and scripts are never to be published or sold. Apparently it takes more than the ability to write to become a million selling writer like JK Rowling! Unlike singers you need not to be beautiful. But you need fantasy, sense of 'what people want to read', the right publisher (who takes time to read your book), a great idea, originality, education (...) and writing skills and if you have all that: LUCK. That is why you need a good Jupiter (for luck), Mercury (for writing), Venus (for style), Neptune (for fantasy)... You also need to be patient, waiting for the right moment to launch your script. It is rather complicated...The qualities (communicating skills, style and more) can be used in many other professions, too. So Neptune, the planet of fiction, must be very important in the charts of people with such an overwhelming fantasy.

Charts of writers are not alike at all. They are as different as their books and the examples on this blog were not born in the same generation. But maybe there are some things that those famous writers have in common...even if they write about different things. I found this:

- a prominent Mercury (for example 'calling' = no aspects within orb 5 degrees or within sign; for example conjunct Sun/Moon or both)
- pattern of professional artistic talent (aspects between Moon, Venus, Neptune, the signs Taurus, Libra, Cancer and Pisces, with direct or indirect connection to Midheaven
- keys to success (aspect-and midpoint combinations with Jupiter, prominence of Jupiter) and possibly important: Moon with Pholus and Jupiter
Neptune, of course
- ...and a surprise: Moon with Jupiter and Pholus 

Of course I have examples.  

1. AGATHA CHRISTIE was born on September 15, 1890 in Torquay at 4:30 a.m. At that moment Saturn (ruler 5th house) was rising, Neptune and Pluto were elevated and Mercury didn't make any aspect at all. She wrote (Mercury!!!) about solving mysteries (Neptune/Pluto). But let's stick to the pattern of the million selling writer:

- Mercury is calling (and biquintile Midheaven)
- Full pattern of artistic talent (Neptune conjunct MC, trine Moon in Libra and inconjunct Venus)
- Moon tightly trine Jupiter and opposition Pholus

Neptune is elevated in her chart (conjunct Midheaven).

Another million seller of quite a different kind of books (romance) is Barbara Cartland.

- Mercury is also calling in her chart! Sun/Moon is semi square Mercury (motivated to write, at any possible level.
- Neptune is sextile Moon and semi quintile Venus (but I don't see the direct connection with MC....though there is Venus/Neptune(romance) is in hard aspect with AC/MC (the crosspoint of time and place) and Jupiter conjunct Midheaven is in in aspect with Moon, Venus and Neptune)
- Moon 112.5 d Jupiter (=square+ half semi square) and square Pholus

Neptune rises before Barbara Carland’s sun…

An Astro ID tells us about the most prominent and interesting placements and positions. In the chart of JK Rowling they are for Merucy, Venus, Sun (all three 'calling') and Jupiter (the planet rising before the Sun). You see:

- Mercury calling! Mercury doesn't make any aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees: communications at any possible level (Venus NA (the conjunction with Uranus is >5d): style at any possible level and Sun is 'calling', too...:drawing attention at any possible level)

- There is also Neptune biquintile Jupiter and quintile Venus with Venus 75d Jupiter,  indication for possible success in art or love

- Jupiter rises before the Sun and is semi square Sun, pointing at positivism, the international, being convincing and self confidence.

- Moon square Jupiter and inconjunct Pholus
The time of birth of JKR is unknown, but it would be great if she was born at 10:55 a.m. with Sun/Moon conjunct Mercury, Moon with Jupiter/Uranus and Jupiter/Pluto, A/M with Neptune and the Midheaven in Cancer sextile Venus, sesquisquare Neptune and in minor aspect with the Moon.

Earlier JKR revealed that she had a period of depression and I contributed that to Moon opposition Saturn and conjunct Pluto.(see that blog:

Lately, JK Rowling started a new site with Progressed Sun about to square Jupiter. Whatever she will do, it may be great...In the natal chart there is also a Sun-Jupiter combination, so this progression is resonating the natal aspect and having greater 'effect'. It will increase her confidence.

If she was born at 10:55 am Neptune would be of crucial importance (square AC/MC) and the ‘force’ that motivates her (Sun/Moon/Neptune combination:

4. Three examples is not enough for statistics. For some more writers (like Celine, Stephen King, Jorge Luis Borges, Vaclav Havel (playwright):

Also visit: for example about 'calling' (unaspected) planets and elements without placements of lights or planets (Conspicuous by absence):


Natalie Normann said...

Hi. Thanks for a very interesting post. I'm a writer with Mercury, Neptune, Moon and Jupiter prominently in my chart. Not a bestseller yet, but I'm working on it. I was wondering about Pholus - what is the significance in the chart of writers? I've never heard of it before.

Astromarkt said...

Hi Natalie, Pholus is an asteroid, symbol of 'the turning point''. Frankly, I have no idea why Moon-Jupiter-Pholus combinations are in all 3 charts, but I suppose that a. They all experienced a lucky change in life through the success and b. : they have a great feeling for a twist in their stories. I don't think that every author has this combination. But I haven't studied their charts:). For more about Pholus just Google 'Astromarkt Pholus files'
Thank you for your comment!

Natalie Normann said...

Thank you! I just wanted to add that I love your site. Too bad you don't do any readings - I'd love to see what you'd say about my chart, of course. I've published 18books, but haven't had an actual breakthroug yet. Although the transits look good for the upcoming years. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

I'm a writer with a chart almost identical to Brett Easton Ellis so it must be good for a writer- I have Jupiter and Venus straddling the midheaven.Sun trine Neptune, nd all the rest of my planet are in the second or the eighth house. He obviously made it quite young. I didn't start writing until much later (I spent the early part of my life doing Jupiter related activites), but I think my stars are very good for both wealth and fame.

Lara said...


I know this is an old post, but it is very interesting, thank you! I started writing recently, and found this post, so interesting :-) What do you think about this pattern: I have Pholus in Taurus (second degree, cusp of 11th house), and it is exactly opposes my Moon and Pluto (5th hosue, in scorpio), Pholus also inconjuct my saturn (5th house, Saggitarius), and trines my Sun (6th house Capricorn). My North node is in my 10th house, Aries, close to MC, and the north node inconjuct Venus and Moon (5th house Scorpio), also trines Saturn in 5th Saggitarius, and also semi sextile Jupiter in 9th house, Pisces. Additionally my 5th house Venus and Moon both trines Jupiter in the 9th, Pisces. I have a grand water trine too which containes my AC (Cancer), Venus (Scorpio) and Mars (Pisces).

I would be grateful if you shared your thoughts about my chart. I could send the picture of it if you are interested.

Thanks a lot, with love, Lara

Astromarkt said...

Dear Lara, I don't do readings, sorry!