Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Producer Joop van den Ende will meet President Obama on June 23, when the Tony-nominated musical Sister Act will host the Obama Re-Election Fundraiser campaign. The American President's natal Sun is then square the progressed Sun of the Dutch producer. When people meet there is often some kind of interaction between charts (see Astromarkt about meeting people).

Here is the chart of Joop van den Ende. with transits and progressions for June 23, 2011.

 In short: you see the pattern of arts and entertainment (Moon-Venus-Neptune) and the missing link: Midheaven. He wanted so much to be an artist and performed as a clown, in a cabaret and wrote poems. But he was better as a producer. You see that the most prominent placements in the chart are for Venus and Pluto, in opposition. They are the combination of earning money and investments. He started this career when the progressed Sunsign had changed to Aries. 

A producer needs good contacts. The Moon in Gemini just needs to meet people and bring them into contact with each other. The very tight trine of Mercury and Jupiter mirrors successful communications and Venus square Ascendant is a great help when presenting yourself. With the Ascendant biquintile Jupiter and Vertex he has the creative ability to open doors…and meeting the right persons. Like on June 23…


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