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The model in the chart of Gisele Bundchen

Wiki Commons: picture by Gabrielle Marchi
Gisele Bundchen is the best earning model in the world. A composition of 7 indications in her natal chart is resonating this. The nicest one is Sun/Moon (midpoint of motivation, heart and soul) semi square Venus/Jupiter (party, lucky woman, popularity) and Pallas (a female icon). That combination is highlighting the successful female icon that she is. All charts should be seen in the light of culture, genes, gender and  situation. Gisele Bundchen's mother adviced her to become a model, she was trained to be a model. Like many other successful women, Gisele Bundchen has the Moon in Scorpio and this Moon*) is elevated and opposition Pallas: she became a role model, a public person. I read that Gisele bought a hotel and that is one of the other ideas related to a Moon in 10. 

Her first picture on the cover of Vogue in July of 1999 was supported by a transit of Jupiter with Pallas, Sun/Moon and Venus/Jupiter (a fortunate transit that stimulated the already nice combination in the natal chart). She also had transit Uranus opposition Sun (change, being in the news), with transit Pholus square Progressed Moon (soon after Pholus conjunct Midheaven: it means a turning point). Here is the natal chart:

1.  Just like other beautiful women, she has Venus in aspect with Saturn and Pluto in her chart (Venus is exactly trine Pluto and square Saturn). See

2.  Her Sun doesn’t make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. This ‘calling’ Sun is the symbol of performance, being a star and drawing attention at any possible level (perhaps even as a leader).

3.  The Sun is angular (on the Descendant), and that again places her in the center of attention of others, but in a distant way (just like models in magazines do).

4.  Her Mars and Jupiter are also ‘calling’. The combination of Sun, Mars and Jupiter in prominent positions mirrors a lot of energy and drive and is a key to success. When Mars is ‘calling’ you tend to be a workaholic or very active (perhaps in sports). Gisele Bundchen first wanted a career in sports).

5.  There is a pattern of artistic talent in her chart: Moon on top, in hard minor aspect with the opposition of Venus and Neptune (connected to the Libra Midheaven = a career in the sphere of style and beauty and balance). She performed in two movies, too, but of course you need to have sense of style, feeling for what the people want and you need to be able to ‘do as if’ if you are a model. 
    BTW Venus and Neptune are at the beginning/end (on either side) of the bowl figure of her natal chart. Venus-Neptune could be seen as the art (Venus) of photography (Neptune).

6.  Venus/Jupiter=Sun/Moon=Pallas seems to reflect being motivated by a pattern of fortune and fun. Sounds good…

7.  Jupiter quintile Uranus ruler 2 might have attributed to the sudden windfall but is also telling us that she is a creative inventive person.

Those are seven good reasons in addition to the Moon in Scorpio on top, valid for a successful model with feeling for posing, drawing attention, working hard to look good and with other keys to success (like having the energy and enjoying it).

Gisele Bundchen wanted to tell the world how important breast feeding is (see Wikipedia:√ľndchen) and said that breast feeding should be a world wide law. How interesting that Ceres (symbol of nutrition) is exactly square Saturn (symbol of law, restriction and responsibility) in her natal chart!


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