Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chart of Ruud Gullit mirrors being fired

Ruud Gullit (true name: Rudi Dil) was fired today. He was the coach of Terek Grozny and before of LA  Galaxy. Now the team of Terek Grozny lost for the xth time and that was it...An impressive list of aspects (transits and progressions), including some classical astrological indications for being fired, accompany the event. Recently someone close lost his job with Transit Uranus inconjunct MC and Transit Saturn conjunct Progressed MC, followed by transit Neptune opposition Midheaven. When there are three of such transits and your job was already at risk, don't be surprised  (but you will be, because it is Uranus transit:) if you get fired. Football coaches are always blamed for the failing team (that seems to be part of the job), so it is a risky job. With this list of 10 transits and progressions, it is even more risky. Here is the chart, with progressions and transits for now:

  • Progressed Sun square Progressed Moon 
  • Progressed Moon semi square natal Neptune
  • Progressed Ascendant square Progressed Sun
  • Progressed Ascendant opposition Progressed Moon
  • Progressed Sun square Progressed Ascendant 
  • Transit Pluto opposition natal Mars
  • Transit Uranus inconjunct Progressed Uranus
  • Transit Uranus square Progressed Ascendant
  • Transit Uranus trine Progressed Mars
  • Transit Neptune square Progressed Midheaven
  • Progressed Pluto is now sesquisquare progressed Ascendant 
  • Last but not least: Transit Saturn moved over the MC in all those months that he was the coach of  A.A. Kadyrov Republican Football Club Terek Grozny In in Russia), month without goals, months with selling his former house for less than he bought it, months of being separated from his family...
Note: There are only two transits with the natal chart. That shows the importance of having a look at progressions, too. 

Gullit, like many coaches, has a Sun-Pluto aspect in the natal chart. Now, in the progressed chart, there is Sun semi square Pluto. Such a period is full of stress and challenges, even worse when there is a natal Sun-Pluto combination, but...., isn't stress an intrinsic value in the life of a football coach? 

PS Why football? Maybe because both Mars and Pholus are in aspect with Midheaven? Pholus hit his foot, Mars is the symbol of competition. And why success? Sun is opposition Jupiter and conjunct Pluto. Quoting myself:
Sun/Jupiter/Pluto combinations enlarge the ego and challenge you to grow, have success, be ' great' and go for it. You want to be impressive and you will be! With this combination you have an intense self confidence and more self esteem (or influence and power) than others do.
Cardinal Richelieu, Hugo Chavez, Al Zarqawi and football players Wesley Sneyder and Zinedine Zidane have this combination.

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