Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sepp Blatter's Uranus and Eris

Sepp Blatter (FIFA) has been chosen again, in spite of controversy. Let's see about Uranus in his chart, the planet of controversy. And about Eris, the planet of discord...

The earlier post about Paris Hilton's life changing experience during transit Uranus conjunct Sun showed you that Uranus is the symbol of controversy, being upset, the unexpected and not always welcome surprise and shocking events. Sepp Blatter has been in the middle of the news these days, but he 'survived.' There is a minor aspect between Sun and Uranus in his natal chart and the transit of Uranus is a sextile (often providing or finding an 'easy way out'). To be exact:

Transit Uranus sextile Progressed Sun in the 4th of Gemini, semi sextile natal Uranus. In the natal chart Sun is semi square Uranus (tighter if he was born before noon). 

Eris is the symbol of discord. When the symbols of controversy and discord meet, you apparently get what we saw in the past weeks. 
Uranus is semi sextile Eris in the natal chart. Progressed Sun is also sextile natal Eris. And transit Uranus has been conjunct natal Eris since May 8. 

End of February of 2012 this will happen again...

PS But why is he in control? It is because of Saturn rising before the Sun (focus on management and responsibilities).   

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