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DOB's of Kirsan Iljumzhinov and Muammar Gaddafi, playing chess

Ilyumzhinov, picture by A. Savin (on Wiki Commons)
He just played chess with Muammar Gaddafi, he claims to have met aliens on his balcony and for almost a decade (since April 12, 1993)  he was the President of Kalmykia (part of the Russian Federation: that is Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (Кирса́н Никола́евич Илюмжи́нов), born April 5, 1962 in Elista at ??? hour. The chart says that he has Sun biquintile Pluto (perhaps illustrating the creative talent to be an authority). With Venus sextile Jupiter he likes the nice sides of life. , but he is first of all a driven person, an activist, a fighter, a promotor (of chess and religion). The fact that he is an Aries with Moon in Aries and is Mars 'calling and rising before the Sun fuels this chart. He is first of all a driven person, an activist, a fighter, a promotor (of chess and religion).He was in Africa to promote chess for Fifa.

Ilyumzhinov is certainly not stupid, see Wikipedia  and he is very rich, too. He benefitted from the rise of the new Russian economy (watch Jupiter/Pluto semi square Quaoar and Venus in Taurus sextile Jupiter). 

MERCURY+PLUTO: mental strategy
What is interesting in his chart is, that there are just a few narrow aspects and mostly minor aspects. Mercury doesn't make any aspect at all. Mercury is the symbol of communications and language. He speaks several languages. Pluto also doesn't make a major aspect within orb 5 degrees. That makes Pluto special. Pluto is the symbol of power, strength, values and intensity or authority. With Mercury and Pluto 'calling' mental strategy is 'calling'. Chess is one of the fields to use that ability.Politics is another one. Don't ask me why he claims to have seen aliens. Maybe that is part of the strategy, too? 

Gadaffi (born June 7, 1942) might have the Moon in Aries, too. Lots of friends have the Moon in the same sign (see Astromarkt...). Having the Moon in the same sign makes you feel at home. But...Is this Gadaffi's real day of birth? In that case, the Suns of the men are sextile. Both have Venus in Taurus (they like each other and have the same sort of preferences and hobbies: Venus conjunct Venus). And that explains, perhaps...

Here are the positions of their birthdays (Gadaffi's possible d.o.b.'s positions are on the outside):

Here above you see the possible chart of Gaddafi, for noon of June 7, 1942. If that is the day of his birth, he is now in a period of stress and obsessed survival (Transit Pluto quindecile Progressed Sun; facing issues of life and death) and is about to see a turning point in life (Transit Pholus opposition Natal Sun). The present transit of Uranus trine Pluto makes it easy to make changes and revolutions. Or is it as this site (Horoscopes within) says (quote):
A time during which you reach new levels in understanding life and death
Given the circumstances, that could just be it...

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