Monday, June 20, 2011

Sun sign changing

Within 24 hours the Sun will change sign from Gemini to Cancer. It happens every 30 days (approximately) and it will happen every 30 years starting from year X in every persons life. When your progressed Sun sign changes, you life style changes.

One of the most popular posts on is the one about the Progressed Sunsign changing. I wonder if the amount of visitors is due to the upheaval about the so called discovery of the fact that astrological sun signs don't equal constellations of stars with the same name. But perhaps some of the readers  are really interested in the progressed sun sign changing. They might read for an explanation.

In the previous blog I didn't mention the nature of the sign: life style, health issues and life in general change when the progressed sun sign changes, but HOW does it change? Often the first aspect in the new sign reveals some of it. When the first aspect is a trine with Jupiter (and that is what President Obama is going to experience very soon) we may expect a successful start of the new era, for example. His new life style is colored by Libra, the sign of style and diplomacy, the style of balance and cooperation. It is also the sign of relationship and marriage. We will all be able to witness the transformation from a distance:)...

When my progressed Sun sign changed to Aquarius my life style certainly changed (from house wife to full time working modern woman), earning my own money (again). I didn't see it as independence and freedom at the time, because I had to spend over 50 hours a week in the office or traveling instead of spending my time studying astrology and Spanish, reading and taking it easy (and searching for a job). The first aspect was with Jupiter (semi sextile) and the second with Saturn (trine). That was when the new life style became structured (a steady job).

Others are not as lucky as I was when my progressed sunsign was changing. It was my wish to find a job. Maybe next time (in about 10 years) I won't be as lucky again. What good change can one expect at age 70, when the progressed Sun is conjunct Jupiter (nice!) and inconjunct Saturn (bad). I will inform you when times comes...and when I found a new job:).

For the examples of people during the change of the progressed Sun, just use the label 'changing sun sign'. The Sun changing sign in progression is one of the signs of changing times.

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