Thursday, June 30, 2011

One of those days with Uranus

Early this morning the Sun was exactly conjunct my natal Uranus. Last year I accidently dropped my car key between the console and the seat, but I didn't know and couldn't see it because of the colour. This year Uranus surprised me with a complete packet of inconvenience. First, yesterday, I managed to destroy the video card of my MacBook, simply by cleaning the screen too hard. This morning I couldn't find my car key (not surprising when you know that my husband had put it on a table and later dropped some papers on the same spot). It took me 15 desperate minutes, but there I went. I pushed the button to open the car door and instead the alarm went off. Hello, neighbours, did I wake you? When I finally drove off, I noticed that my navigation system changed language (how!?) but this time I smiled (I know that language). In the office a surprise again: it is a hectic day with schedules changing because of ill people. But because of the alarming start of this morning, I have enough adrenaline to deal with it.
It is a Uranus day every year. And I learn to love it.

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Alice Brown said...

Aww that's quite a sad story about your Natal chart having Uranus. Thanks for the share...!!