Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chart and progressions of Julia Child

Julia Child was a cook, but she was not a cook from the start. She 'progressed' to be a cook and a writer like Barack Obama progressed to be a President (see about Obama's Progressed chart...in the blog about progressed charts and how one grows into a position). Her progressions are a pleasure for astrology!

STARTS COOKING with Sun conjunct Ceres in progressed chart...
In the movie Julie & Julia they mention that it took her 8 years to write and publish her first book in 1961, so she started in 1953, when she was 41 and met two women while already training to be a French cook.  Here is the chart with transits and progressions, or else you wouldn't believe me! 

In 1951 the Progressed Sun had just changed sign (the marriage) and in the Progressed chart the Sun was conjunct Ceres, the symbol of nutrition and important in the charts of famous chef cooks (see this post about Ceres and TV chefs). What a statement for starting (conjunction) to live as a cook... 1951 is the year that she started to teach cooking! See Wikipedia. This shows how important progressed charts are! (Boy, I love those kind of charts!:)

PUBLISHING A BOOK FOR FIRST TIME (Sun conjunct Mercury in Progression)

Then it is 1961 and in the progressed chart the Sun is conjunct Mercury (her book saw the light!. The same Sun-Mercury progression pops up in the chart of Julie Powell when her book was published! Mercury is the symbol of the messenger.
(Really, Julia's life is in line with her progressions!)


She appeared on tele with Progressed Sun conjunct Moon. People get Progressed Sun conjunct Moon when they start doing what they always wanted. On February 11, 1963 she had her first show on tele. Neptune's square with natal MC had past and gone. Transit Jupiter is exactly opposition her Sun/Moon midpoint! And Pholus is already on her Midheaven and getting closer: a turning point in status and career. 
(I can't help it: her chart is splendid!)

But I always say that it takes a birth chart, too, so let's see about that.

Neptune is rising before the calling Sun (NA, drawing attention at any possible level) and Quaoar. She is first of all creating a new kind of media personality: the famous TV cook! 
There you are: the creation of the TV chef Julia Child. There is (obviously) more, like the Moon without aspects in the fifth house (she had no children and wanted them so much), the late but happy marriage (Saturn-Jupiter square Venus) and the writing (Mercury conjunct Venus) but most of all Pholus square Midheaven, the combination of an important turning point in status and career. (Susan Boyle has Pholus on Midheaven, too).

BTW and if you take a 2 degree orb, her Jupiter is quintile MC...

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