Friday, March 26, 2010

A 108 year old man's birthday

Tomorrow Jos Wijnant will be 108 years old and that is an age that no man has in Holland today. He must have perfect genes. Four of his five children are still alive, too. If you want to send a gift: he loves to have a glass of wine with dinner (and wine = ‘ wijn’ in Dutch like in his name☺. What on the day of his birth is reflecting his age today?

1. Saturn isn’t making major aspects in sign or 5 degree orb; he is cautious and solid at any possible level (he has been a civil servant all of his life).
2. Jupiter is rising before his sun: he is an optimist. (And an international: born in Belgium, living in the Netherlands:).
3. Jupiter is in Aqarius and Uranus is in Sagittarius; this is mutual reception between Jupiter and Uranus. (Consider that Uranus oriental is frequent in the charts of those who became very old and that Jupiter-Uranus is the innovative combination).
4. Positions are in all kinds of signs with 4 planets in air signs and 4 in movable signs. ThE air-movable sign is Gemini, the sign of youth.
5. Ceres is the symbol of genes and Ceres is semi square Sun, tightly, but also ‘ calling’ (without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). That means that genes are important at any possible level.
6. Moon in Scorpio is a strong moon

All the rest is a mystery, since we don’t know the hour of birth.

When he became 106 years old he said that being old is not as much fun as getting older is. But there is some fun this weekend: transit Jupiter square progressed Venus is promising a party and that is what he gets. The transit of Pholus square this Venus-Jupiter connection and Saturn is 165d from Jupiter, 105 from progressed Venus and 75 d from Pholus so that we know that he reaches and celebrates an important turning point in age.

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