Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dennis Kucinich changes his mind: Pholus?

Now that I am in the mood for Pholus, I see Pholus everywhere. I see Pholus in the chart of Dennis Kucinich now that transit Pholus is sextile his Sun and trine his Ascendant, now that he changed his mind about the Health Care Bill, not because it is the best bill there is, but because he doesn't want to stand in the way of progress. See The Huffington Post.... That is substantial change during the transit of Pholus. Robert von Heeren mentions 'a turning point in life' for this transit and in this case he is certainly right.

This of course made me very curious about Pholus and I started calculating. Pholus is one the additional objects that you can choose on when you make a chart there.

When my progressed Sun was conjunct natal Pluto there was a turning point, because I moved back to the city where I was born. Eventually, that changed the way that I lived.
In the second half of February 2012 transit Pholus will be conjunct my Sun and Midheaven, for another switch. I'll have to wait and see what happens...But one thing is for sure: I can add Pholus to the list of signs of changing times!See the Kentauren info page about Pholus.


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