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Venus, Pluto and abuse

Abuse is a hot item today now that there have been so many revelations about criminal sexual behaviour behind the walls of catholic instituations. In the charts of people who are involved in abuse cases, Venus-Pluto and/or Mars-Pluto have an important role to play, as you can see in the list of links below. Why, I wondered? In this post I try to answer the question why these aspects are so frequent in these charts. Venus-Pluto or Mars-Pluto don't necessarily mean abuse. But abuse between adults and children is often related to Venus-Pluto and sometimes to Mars-Pluto, too. In difficult circumstances (when preferences are a problem) Venus-Pluto apparently can reflect manipulation with affection and candy (Venus' accesories) or other precious values and then Venus-Pluto is also about authority, force or pressure being abused by greedy persons. Abuse is a complicated problem and now we know that it always has been a major problem in the Roman Catholic Church.

1. Venus-Pluto
Venus and Pluto conflicts are not always related to financial problems or earning money, even though Venus-Pluto is the loved and rewarded. money axis. The aspect is about the issue of values in general and the price that you pay for being rewarded. The aspect is found in the chart of a victim and in the chart of Pope Benedict (who has Venus semi square Pluto) that you see in an earlier post about the present difficult transits in his chart, now that the world found out that he tried to cover up abuse when he could have protected the children instead. (!Transit Pholus is now square progressed Midheaven: this introduces the catalyst, the turning point and the uncontrolable situation...)
Venus-Pluto makes a problem of love or turns affection into a problem if there is no (self) control and if there is a challenging situation (like in orphanies, for example).

2. Mars-Pluto
A Mars-Pluto conflict introduces the danger of violence and force or (in combination with Venus) the problemous passion (and is also there in the charts of the victims). In fact, the aspect reveals an important issue and the chart doesn’t ‘ judge’ . It takes circumstances and more info to separate the guilty grown-up form the innocent (child).

My idea about the aspects related to the events is, that Pluto always intensifies, challenges, makes ' it ' a problem or makes things strong (will - Sun-, emotions and needs - Moon, ideas and words - Mercury, and desires - Venus - or drives - Mars-).

Pluto's force can be used in various ways and doesn't need to lead to complications but ...Pluto can be a problem in certain circumstances, when the force turns into a destructive problem.
Antes de hundirme en el infierno
los lictores del dios me permitieron que mirara una rosa.

Esa rosa es ahora mi tormento
en el oscuro reino.*)

Often, what you can't have is what you want most.
The Venus-Pluto aspect in a priests chart might be reflecting the price that he pays for the choices that he made when he agreed to live in celibacy, the problems that this caused and the question if it is or was worth it. Maybe intense desire and problems with social values explain the number of Venus-Pluto afflictions in all of the abuse cases. In the charts of the victims Venus-Pluto is the mirroring reflection of the problem. Another thought is that a large number of these priest already had problems with their sexual preferences when they decided to start a life in celibacy.
(BTW When two people share a Venus-Pluto aspect they might end up sharing a painful problem with -social or financial - values and feelings of self worth, even if it is ' just' about earning money. That is what might happen if an abuse adult meets a child with Venus-Pluto afflictions and there is authority over the child, resulting in a life long problem for the kid.)

BTW Pluto is the symbol of therapy, too. It cost time, money and efforts but eventually Pluto can become the planet of total control. It is a pity that the RC church forgot to control, forgot therapy and most of all: forgot to care about the children. Now, they paid the price.
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Little Jonbenet Ramsey had Mars opposition Pluto

John Philips and his daughter Mackenzie have Mars square Pluto in the combine chart (she has Mars 67.5 Pluto, a sesquisemisquare, and he had Mars 112.5 Pluto, a square + half semi square)

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And here is the chart with time unknown of one of the German victims of abuse by a priest of the Roman Catholic Church with Venus in conflict with Pluto.

Venus-Pluto doesn't mean abuse. But abuse is often related to Venus-Pluto, the combination of intense desire and the price that you have to pay for getting what you want.

*) El mejor poema de Borges: El desierto:
Translation: Before the lictores of God threw me into hell they allowed me to watch a rose. Today, that rose is my torment in the dark realm.


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