Friday, March 12, 2010

From politician to ex-politician with Uranus

Uranus is a surprising planet and often reflecting change. In one week 3 rather young Dutch politicians suddenly quit politics, completely. Two of them were leading a socialist party and one was the number 2 of the Christian Democrats. All three of them had important transits of Uranus and/or progressions with Uranus.

Agnes Kant (Socialist Party) was born February 20, 1967 at 13:21 hours in Oldenbrok (source is Astrologie Zeeland, Nico Bos). Transit Uranus was conjunct Saturn and semi square Midheaven. Progressed Midheaven was opposition natal Uranus (dispositor MC).

Camiel Eurlings (CDA) was born September 16, 1973 (time unknown) and he has tranit Uranus opposition natal Sun. In his natal chart Uranus and Sun don’t make major aspects in sign, reflecting the importance of a change in life. In addition he has a changing progressed Sun sign (mirroring the changing life style). He was in politics since he was 16.

Wouter Bos (PvdA, leading the largest socialist party) announced today that he will leave politics asap. The party had bad results in the local elections of March 3, but he says that he thought of leaving politics years ago. He was born July 14, 1963 at 2:25 a.m. and has transit Saturn opposition progressed Midheaven, transit Pluto trine progressed Sun, progressed Midheaven inconjunct natal Uranus and in the progressed chart (that you don’t see here) the Sun is exactly conjunct Uranus!

Here are the charts:

Those were just 3 examples of the effect of Uranus. For more about changes in life and astrology, see this post…


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