Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FARC release of Pablo Emilio Moncayo

Pablo Emilio Moncayo was 18 years old when the FARC captured him and they kept him for 12 years. Now he is free again. I found his day of birth on
http://noticias.prodigy.msn.com/internacional/articulo-bbc.aspx?cp-documentid=23763005 and on that site they give the following information:
- DOB:' el 26 de febrero 1978 en Sandona, una población en las cercanías de Pasto, capital de Nariño.'
- Captured: ' secuestrado el 21 de diciembre de 1997'

What kind of transits and progressions accompany the main moments in his life? Of course there is no hour of birth, so that there is a limited amount of astrological info. And there are very special conditions. He was in military service and the FARC was around.

In December of 1997 we see:

- (strange enough) Progressed Jupiter square progressed Sun. Maybe that is not so strange after reading the story - in Spanish- in El Mundo, where they describe him as an unusual optimist and when we consider the fact that he survived a battle that day.
- Transit Uranus/Pluto square Node: sudden dramatic change in a group of people
- Progressed Vesta, symbol of the hearth of the home and of dedication - was in the 16th degree of Sagittarius. That is where transit Pholus is today…

Now that he is free (but I don’t know in what condition):
- Progressed Sun trine Vesta
- Progressed Sun sesquisquare progressed Saturn
- And what I mentioned before: transit Pholus at the point where Progressed Vesta was 12 years ago.
Earlier there was transit Uranus square Jupiter and inconjunct Saturn for the relief and the end of captivity.

Now he is reunited with his family: see the video

Ingrid Betancourt is one of the most famous persons held by FARC. Here is more about her and her chart...

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