Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chart of Ricky Martin's coming out

Ricky Martin’s coming out is reflected by Pholus and Quaoar (now at 21d35m Sagittarius) on either side of the Descendant, both symbols of new realities and turning points like coming outs/breaking trough, things that come out of the closet, or ... important changes in general. Pholus is semi square AC/MC: there is a vital turning point. Progresses Sun/Moon is semi square transit Pluto for being motivated to transform (and for the stress that this change brings, too). There were at least 3 signs of changing times.

Ricky Martin is 38, so he waited a long time to make this announcement. Should the amount of easy aspects (twelve narrow sextiles and trines!) mean that he ‘ took it easy’ to do so?:) There is another indication for keeping his sexual orientation a secret: ruler 8 Saturn is in Gemini in the 12th house. Also Venus and Mars are in aspect with the combination of discretion (Neptune and Pluto).

Ricky’s astrological pattern of artistic talent*) is as follows:

Moon in Pisces
Moon at Aries Point
Moon sextile Venus (out of sign)
Venus sextile Neptune
Moon trine Neptune (out of Sign)
Neptune ruler of Midheaven
AC/MC square Venus

You can see that he is a singer (Mercury – voice – square MC; Venus/Uranus – sense of rhythm - square MC).

*) The pattern of artistic talents is made by Moon, Venus, Neptune and the signs that they rule with Midheaven. More examples of this pattern on

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