Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chart Sandra Bullock and the transits

When I think of Sandra Bullock, I think of ups and downs. Recently she was awarded and received a Razzy and an Oscar on the same day. She is the only performer ever to have been named both "Best" and "Worst" for the same year. In November 2009 she and her partner Jesse James won full custody of the 5 year old daughter of Jesse and now Michelle McGee says that she had an affair with Jesse James for months until she found out that he was still married to Sandra. He made her think that he was divorcing her, Michelle says. The affair ended months ago, but for some reason Michelle McGee thought that it was time for a revelation. That is the same idea that Sandra'chart shows.

See the transits in the chart of Sandra: they are in line with that news. Two difficult transits are in hard aspect with her (progressed and natal) Ascendant and they at least symbolise hard times and 'news'. . The inconjunction of transit Saturn - deep down under in the natal chart - with progressed Ascendant, together with the shared affliction between Sun and Saturn in the charts of the couple is reflecting a moment to test the stability of the marriage. Unfortunately transit Uranus doesn't make it easy to stay cool.Transit Uranus is exactly square her horizon explains the upheaval about the interview in Touch with her husband's mistress. If the Astrotheme time is right, this is the perfect moment to break free. She left home last Monday, they say.

For more about the match (OK, apart from the Moonsigns) and shared aspects (Sun-Saturn) of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, see Astrology&Love...

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Dunyazade said...

And the New Moon was at 26º Pisces - just square Asc., Venus (love) and Mars. I think this new moon activated the Uranus transit at 26º Pisces (which is now square her 1st/7th house axis - the relashionship axis). Plus, trans. Mercury (that happens to rule her natal Venus/Mars/Rising Sign) was also conjunct this new moon.

Another thing that I found interesting:
- transiting north node is (at the same date) one degree away from entering her 7th house (marriage).

And, of course, the big guys:
- trans. Saturn on her fourth house, Square trans. Pluto on her 7th house (trouble at home, with marriage)
- Neptune (and chiron) Trining her natal Venus/Mars (maybe facilitating deception? And huge - chiron - hurt?) And! Opposing her natal Leo Mercury! (That rules her Venus/mars conjunction, but, more importantly - her Rising Sign - again: relashionships).
- Her natal Venus rules the 5th house (love, love...) and 12th house (self-undoing, secrets, thinhs that are hidden from us).

This is a shame, I'm sorry for her.

Astromarkt said...

Thanks for your observations, especially about the New Moon, Dunyazade! That seems to have been an important reflection of change.