Monday, March 15, 2010

King Albert: a billion?

King Albert II of Belgium seems to be much much richer than his people thinks that he is. He might own at least one billion euro. And he gets more every year, because the Belgians pay him to be their king. Of course there are relevant transits and progressions in line with this news.

Progressed Neptune ruler 2 is opposition Sun
Transit Jupiter (ancient ruler 2) is inconjunct natal Jupiter

With Sun-Neptune you are often 'in a negative light' (gossip, secrets and the media...) and an inconjunction is the symbol of losts and lack of balance. This lack of balance is between two times the planet wealth: Jupiter. The transits and progressions don't allow a judgement about the figures; they just show that he is in the media and that there is a problem about his wealth.

There is only one more post about King Albert on this blog, dated April 2008, about the relationship with the never recognised or accepted daughter Delphine (the daughter that was kept secret for years). Click here to see it.

This is the perfect moment to give some more links about the Belgian royal family:
- Princess Mathilde, most charming
- Mystery of the death of King Albert I


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