Saturday, March 20, 2010

An Elephant's Saturn

It is almost Astrological New Year, so time for light stuff: the story of an elephant. Yu Zin is a female elephant born February 19, 1979 in Myanmar. She has to move out of the Zoo in Emmen, because she is a burden. She is bigger than the rest and not very nice, scaring the other elephants. The astrological positions on February 19, 1979 are completely in line with that story.
As you see in the chart, Mars is rising before the Sun and square Uranus. Mars-Uranus is the combination of the short fuse. Mars oriental is frequent in the chart of entrepeneurs, soldiers, activists and (in certain conditions) aggressive people. Let us say that she can suddenly be very assertive...

Her Moon is in Scorpio, afflicted, uhm...Many of the women on top have a Moon in Scorpio, reflecting the need to win or be dominating (the female way). Maybe that is because you have to be brave to be a woman on top.

She is big, Yu Zin, too big. And she has Sun inconjunct Jupiter to reflect that. Sun and Jupiter aren't making major aspects, so they are 'calling' (doing their job at any possible level, anyhow, somehow). The inconjunction symbolizes lack of balance. That must be why she eats it all, including the food of her group members.

The last two to three years there was a period of transformation. Two important females in the group died and that is when Yu Zin started to become a problem. She also wasn't good at educating her difficult son, so it is in the family. They separated her from her son. And now she must go to another zoo, it is the end. And you won't believe it...the symbol of endings (Saturn) is exactly opposition her progressed Sun now.

To end this story in a positive way: she is a lucky elephant. her Sun and Jupiter are prominent, so she draws attention and she might succeed everywhere, if she doesn't grow too much and doesn't become arrogant. Even though she is not the most sympathic and friendly elephant, there is a potential for success. But not right now. Elephants have a strong memory and I wonder how it is for an elephant to be separated from members of their group or family.

PS Happy Astrological New Year! The ingress chart has Moon in aspect with Uranus, so we will remain in the mood for astrology!


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