Wednesday, March 17, 2010

John Terry (again): Pholus?

John Terry is in the news again, see Times online ...He was breathalysed after coliding with the car of a Chelsea security staff memeber, leaving the man with a broken leg. He went on driving and later went to the police. Should it be the effect of transit Pholus on the natal Sun? Pholus*) seems to have the effect of Pluto, but harder. Transit Uranus is now 75 degrees from Mars and in the natal chart Mars is semi square the prominent Uranus. That explains speed - but he wasn't driving fast - and/or impatience (or a short fuse). Maybe it is the same 'drive' as the energy that he shows in the field. A conflict between Mars and Uranus is one of the indications in male's charts for possible divorce.

Less than 3 weeks ago I wrote about the past friendship between John Terry and Wayne Bridge, following the affair of (married) Terry with Bridge's (untrue) partner)- click to see that post. I like to add that in the progressed chart Terry's Venus is conjunct Neptune and that that is the perfect description of a love affair.

*) 'unusual and thoughtless action', that is what I read in the interesting article about Pholus (one of the Centaurs) on

About Mars and Uranus (on Astromarkt, background information)


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